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Gio Gonzalez cleared of wrongdoing in PED case


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Mon, 5 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Let's now bring in our baseball insider mark Zuckerman covering the nationals braves' fourth line that's -- market and as for the mats is the pitcher GO Gonzales has been exonerate. Yet you know from the moment that this story first that came out in January GO Gonzales. Was adamant that he hadn't had no connection at all to the buyout Genesis. Clinic and the evidence that had come out since then seemed to back that all up. And then today officially Major League Baseball exonerated GO Gonzales of any wrongdoing or any punishment. Now GO issued a statement. Today. Through the nationals saying I am very pleased that Major League Baseball has cleared my name with this process now complete. I have no lingering sense of animosity but as I quickly realized that the objective of this investigation. Was to clean up our games. Nat -- himself didn't speak to reporters today for several others did it. And voice their support for their teammate and what MLB did today. I think it's unfortunate that he was on the list to begin -- you know he's obviously doing the right things and you know -- is a good guy and and obviously wasn't cheating to. For a guy doesn't do anything. You know there's a 95% and -- -- don't do anything it's it's a tough game to play every day and you know it's not fair for other guys to to have inventors like that but. Think our sport is not a really good job with the -- conference after testing in I mean you know where we were 1015 years ago is a you know long ways away from where we are now. CSN Washington dot com.

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