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Tarik's top stories going into game 1 of pre-season



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Mon, 5 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Well my top story lines are to me cornerback and safety specifically Kirk cousins in the Carter Rambo. Well we don't know when RG three is going to be ready. We don't know what's -- be week one or is gonna take a little bit longer I think it's very important for cousins have a strong performance in this game he's probably going to play ten to fifteen snaps. But he needs to instill some confidence he's got full command of the offense. As for Rambo he played in the SEC he's played on the big stage which no he hasn't played against. Guys like Kenny Britt and other NFL wide receivers who are fighting for their NFL livelihoods. -- with the depth chart came out today he was listed at the starting free safety. He's not -- CSN Washington dot com.

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