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Dan Wetzel talks about the Johnny Manziel investigation



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Mon, 5 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Let's get more perspective by bringing an award winning sportswriter Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports. Dan how serious is this charge and how could it affect Texas -- in the season. Kyle Busch Series -- big group. You. Are allowed to cash in on your -- about it and essentially with Ian PA is doing so would -- Selling -- autograph he would be suspect. Basically out of palladium is not have a lot -- -- issues but probably four game suspension. The -- then they'll potentially longer it during the course he would bet he's been a lot to represent it. -- at least four game. The big -- -- accident and it hurt game is against number one Alabama that aren't. Anticipated game of the college football he's got collateral I think yet -- -- very typical case. It proving that now I really don't think there's I think that is likely -- that he's not government but also that he actually suspended. This comes up pretty much every college football season but once again it also raises questions about. Student athletes and their rights. Yes -- they're good it would I it would who signing the pictures of himself. I mean it's his own name that is writing down and the fact that that is prohibited. Not it's not. In general practice it and get out and could have gone in and they'll sign footballs many football helmet all sorts stop which state do. And then they could sell. He's just not allowed to go out the marketplace and do it himself. CSN Washington dot com.

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