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Moss talks about being a mentor to Robinson



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Mon, 5 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. All -- the guy I think you particularly your way. He's a guy who just keeps. It just keep grinding and you conceding camp where you just he's making plays now that -- very similar to the ones you make. His. In better man you know when he first came in. Mimicking McCardell with the coach and him talk we've played together and just you know had to kind of bond what he's taught us an inning -- very raw. And what I mean by raw he's a guy that had so much talent. But head has yet to really you know you know tone it up to be -- season you know I mean you can tell he can easily won those death because he does gave -- -- a lot of those guys in college football you know you and not receive the veteran back. It just a special athlete that you have to had a ball he had had a ball in his hands and asking and dog. And you know I came the numbers say great things about it because this is when you watch him. He noticed be there you know but you see him develop and become a better receiver -- the routes and with the depth on the routes and just going to. Playbook you know you feel proud to see them -- How -- like the way that coach Shanahan is running this camp he's been through a lot of camps into. Man like you know I've heard so much about the Denver days we'll -- Shanahan how he runs his whole you know season period you know with practice this stuff and you know so many guys talking and and and crazy and want to know how to ask one Nabisco today they ever play for. And I I can say the same -- how I want to thank for that kind of got couldn't keep the pressure on every player let them know that you know we ought to be held accountable for our actions. On and off the field. And you make sure that if you show him what you're doing for the network. Don't take you wanna take care you know they've taken your body but make sure that he can give you something back to say chaos the other awards -- some -- -- -- a little off you know when you beat. Books you know and all men every day is out here with the same tempo and we all are here -- one goal in mind that's to be the best. You are one more serious guys. On the squad so what makes Santana Moss last what forty find your man I'm you've got to -- -- -- -- know if I don't we don't get a Jesse. I know I'm in imminent so you know not bring in you know what's that need to be brought in you know at what time when I'm always that meant it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What thinking we don't know about me I'm not as quiet quiet and he thing you know they always say it sounded very cooperative no negative out when he was that you that. About me like that because. Once you get to know me you know that I'm footer left them -- plump so the clock almost a -- -- -- -- up on the I just you know you know I just know that have a good time but. When a sample were we're so I know how to -- this would don't know. CSN Washington dot com.

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