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Is it fair to compare Peterson's recovery to RG3's



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Mon, 5 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Certainly Adrian Peterson not slowed down by that surgery obviously looking ahead to 25. Hundred yards on 5000. It's the fifth I mean they're 5000 this we brokered all -- I might -- -- I'm not. Is Paramount to judge RG three based on Adrian Peterson's recovery what he did last year what he's looking forward to. -- reference back to Derrick Rose the dynamic guard for the Chicago Bears and how everyone was on hand because they compared him to Adrian Peterson. Everyone heals differently you can't go out there and say one size fits all now with that being said I think if RG three is a guy who is an aggressive healer. And seeks other guys as far as -- different modalities appealing to soft tissue and allow the neuromuscular system to heal correctly. And he can apply force through his legs and to his body of the dynamic movements that he has without that that feeling up like. -- Have -- absolutely compare yourself you compare yourself you put yourself on that aggressive schedule. To be with Adrian Peterson but at the same time I think for -- for the out but we're not. Out there every time with them so we don't know. Well Trevor do you think though that RG three kind of put this on himself where he says. Well you know what I'm going to be out there for the seasonal I'm going to be ready. Good I'm glad you guys -- -- my former. About the things that I want my quarterback to talk about what I want him to be aggressive and everything he does towards getting back and playing and being on that field. And I want the team to be the opposite I want the team to play it's what we want that keen to play it safely. And so they don't have to agree in my opinion about what they say and how they believe. The quarterback would be far worse if you were saying well gee I don't know when he was cooler seriously injured all give back as soon as I may be can you don't want them from that guy. Is the team that needs to take it upon themselves to have that negative slow down's been down expectation. CSN Washington dot com.

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