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Can the Nats still win the division?



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Mon, 5 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. And can these guys win. Credit you know it's always a hole. But what I bet anything on them coming back -- -- belt and the reason I say that I haven't seen this season would have won on all you. And I can't expect them to do what they have not been doing. Every time they go on me when he gave you expect and go on -- -- who want to run. They fall right back to fall back into it for you the Atlanta Braves and upgrade the plan as good as anybody in baseball and they are hit that streak. You know a lot of got Michael Moss made comment to this team always makes a run they haven't done yet. Well I don't expect them to do it now you look at their fifth 5458. Bit thirteen and a half games behind doesn't seem like all of a sudden and Matt has gone right into wall. And you're gonna -- squad into -- -- -- -- -- I don't see it really you know I understand it I got a couple last. That's because you're talking about his friend bill Rapp would you think we -- Oklahoma as well yeah that's what you can do that. Too many people were Republicans are not doing their job to -- And then abrasion or lose -- out two weeks ago. They haven't lost in the ground. And that not -- you don't want anybody injured but facts are. This is what what you take one of those guns that it did just that the Mets have got to win they win head to head matchup they didn't flat out. 3230. To the bottom line is that you don't good job. Got his job done that they were you planning his team you farm that hot team and you can -- make a brown when you plan is then you basically get by and we talked at the beginning of the season that the Braves involving plants teams that would not very good run a little more than the next yet and has taken advantage -- the -- are -- and I think we look at this thing now. -- look at the end when the season will look back you say. What bit too much restaurant I know at the beginning of the season but right now I'm truly begin to believe. They could not -- -- not happy about it wasn't what you speak it after the fact what do you know looking at results right now yet and -- -- the season has started. They don't seem to be the same guy that played -- Eagles last year and right now they played tight. They -- as if they're trying not to lose. No fire and I've felt that way there's no fire in -- back. And that's the outline that in Rizzo. Understands that and that's the saving grace because he's not. He's not -- sold all keeping everything together just the worst thing you can do I hate when people try to keep teams together they have one of the things they haven't -- anything. So you were trying to finally get the right combination that you can't winds up there with and that's -- like Rizzo and his position. CSN Washington dot com.

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