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Hall of Famer Darrell Green welcomes new class to Canton



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Tue, 6 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. I'm years ago Darrell green was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the NFL's fastest man -- played twenty years for the Redskins. Considered one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game his contributions to football. And this community are enormous continues to be enormous and he joins me on -- now. ODG. We welcome -- into training camp daily it's a pleasure to see you always great. What are member about got a hall of fame induction five years it does it seem like yesterday or does it seem like a long time ago. It seems like yesterday. Even my career yeah and his I think it's eleven years eleven years of -- been a while five years ago and hall of -- so yeah but feels great told my son introduced me it was just I still remember I mean I got it too soon and join us. Ga -- C those mental pictures. Well with you're very active obviously with the -- with the Redskins alumni UN it was art monk. Did a bus tour down to Richmond and -- some fans to see training camp yeah. What does being a Redskins alumni like now I know there -- maybe a few years where there was a disconnect with this franchise it seems like man you guys are. Are right there now. They've been doing a lot I'll consider myself one of the leaders in had a lot of guys doing a lot of great things with that. -- to a win related to the alumni would just related to be a part of it no words were applauded the Redskins -- underdogs yet. Rather it's argun than not mean we played twenty years. You know what I'm at a time yeah you know at some point some of the guys were disappointed they felt like you know of your name wasn't during -- -- guys and then you wouldn't so much. Welcome but I think they've really worked toward that to work through that I guess. Has Bruce Allen been a big part of that just having the connection that he does he definitely give them credit this first meeting we had -- -- about the alumni yeah. Our -- so your son Jared. Dare I say that he is with the Cowboys right now this I -- -- proud and battled them well I don't know. -- immediately a sign it all bad self. Yeah us on eleven my boy alive and I had done great family great theater receiver yeah as a receiver had a big kiss ass couple nights ago in. Raised umbrella and -- receives 32 teams who didn't get drafted 32 teams that tends to get him and somebody got him so dad's going all the way. But I guess I'm still this is done. I know they got away it went that's my boy now and there was there any ground and not dad vs. Son. Cornerback receiver thing you know I didn't let him play football to in the eighth grade. And write a book about that about kids and and take care and I'm on the let me play to the eleventh grade so. He did you know worked his way through went to university Virginia and you know got guys that way I wanted to be got a degree in four years and don't you just a great kid -- great kid and he's got a hopefully -- sit here and then a trio you know an -- -- on the other side that. It's all right certainly someone we want to watch no doubt are right so is Mike Shanahan is fourth year now. What's your take on kind of this air and the Shanahan -- now football. -- remind me of the knob turn and I errors so many different things dog you know mr. -- got in got ill and ultimately miss it could. Ultimately it took a whole lot of time to unfold. I think he's got a lot of different things that took place you know with the first McNabb. And then you know just -- have taken place way. You know you almost his farewell to give your real grade yet to win because this and that even though you know they made some mistakes. At -- that day I think in this the only way now yeah yeah like they solidified yet. Just now solidified in out in -- three and a half we just now solidified. You know obviously yards and three his leg is going to be a key. But they got a guy named Kirk cousins to ask so not think that media should have been in -- probably up to that Clement. Seattle game. CSN Washington dot com.

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