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Tue, 6 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. All right we're talking running -- now -- so much focus has been on out from Morrison's one of them look like behind him on that drive. Well when the Redskins released their depth chart on Monday -- Alou junior was listed as the number two running -- behind Alfred Morris now does that mean Alou is so we're not the number two job you know of course it doesn't it's just the pre season it's just an early depth chart -- Jack. That said he's been one of the best players in training camp to this point. I I think that easy to shown some of the explosion he had his rookie season he doesn't drop many balls out of the backfield. He's -- he's as elusive as ever. Pond and feel more important though. Big -- that he had -- surgically repaired in February it hasn't bothered him at all and now there are four pre season games left to play a lot can change. But you know what -- Alou continues to perform the way he has so far he's gonna wrap up that number two job. -- -- -- and healthy do you have any injury updates and anyone else. Yeah you know tight in Jordan Reed thought he was injured Monday in practice we are sure exactly what happened to him. But I'm Mike Shanahan told this yesterday then yeah I hit a bruise on his foot today chick Hernandez platinum blonde walking around you know it can mobilize -- boot. Com news Mike Shanahan was -- -- he went to the funeral of a close friends that we didn't get an update from improbable -- find out any more until Thursday. I talk to Trent Williams as he came off the practice field I asked him about his left wrist he's been practicing with -- -- -- would -- hard cast on it. He told me that he could play Thursday if called upon I'm not sure that's gonna happen on the offensive lineman Josh -- -- He hyper extended his knee in Monday's practice he said of the time we thought it felt okay. But today he was held out he was walking with a limp and I think he's probably -- doubtful for authorization for our game as well. CSN Washington dot com.

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