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Barry Cofield likes Justin Bieber, hates hiking



  1. Barry Cofield1:33
  2. Adam Levine1:47
  3. Justin Timberlake1:48
  4. Washington0:02, 1:54
  5. hip hop1:09
  6. football field0:05
  7. sports channels0:26
Wed, 7 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Away from the football field out of Barry -- relaxed. Just that by relaxing the Beriault left the guy who's going to be out. Hiking or. In nature or you know things like that you know a little -- offseason got a nice pool. You know my wife with me a vote version -- But I just -- -- -- -- probably sports channels so there's maybe a game or Collison anymore and women's soccer volleyball it doesn't -- I just I love sports. I love competition so I've overlap like so what. You cook. I wish you could serial -- cereal while the box that the -- yeah. -- a few I don't know not only a little moment real simple look at here's your question for -- one of those guys who actually -- the correctly or do you just blow it open. You know what actually have a plastic containers well -- the -- fresh from some notable over. Put in the classic at the preserves the -- -- all offseason and is -- but that is -- although obviously it gets a lot of I think eleven music. -- all types you know. So we hip hop RB. Whether you like to keep it over Taylor's post got a couple -- although I just will be relived really. The ground up so you go to walk through senior Justin -- don't think -- -- -- you know when -- 300 plus twelve most furcal and with our offense well it could go into much green. But you know a lot of guys particularly fans truthful I thought that we don't like to share what would be surprising to learn about Barry Cofield and you're willing to doubles to the public. So prior isn't. Wish I was a better singer and really I envy those players. It was our usual range of people here -- deep -- there's a very very lively. And I want -- Adam Levine Justin Timberlake -- also the most what I had to. It's CSN Washington dot com.

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