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Wed, 7 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Sixth round pick. Who comes out of the what does -- do you set to single season franchise rushing mark. Year two. Sophomore slump. How does -- avoid. That this year. Kotsay is will be tough. And bluntly -- -- -- -- -- last year a lot of people did not know about how offer more towards the end of the year they start to see how talented young man as. And they were more focused on RG three. If so this year they're not going to be as focused on RG three as he comes back from his injury and so what the focus of of their officers one of the home -- remorse. So we have to -- to go up there and perform every single game in there's going to be games where RG three not gonna carry this football team does lake is much. Everything is going to be out from work to -- anything could continue the trend he had last year with carrying the low fifteen yards for a rookie running back is awful lot of dark if he's able to continue that trend. Then this football team have a lot of success I know the read option helped him but we're talk about a sixth round draft pick. Who came in and did this what do you like about the way he gets it done. Well I like -- the way he does is one cut he's my kind of guy he's not gonna make a lot of different moves and hole he gets to that hole. Cut into the downfield in when you win this big guy gets downhill the defender don't wanna tackle him third or fourth quarter. Lap of the latter part of the season guys are not gonna wanna tackle does god has -- downhill and then there wouldn't be out of position because RG three is there and so at the same time did the one thing that I like -- has got quick feet. He gets downhill he blocks well he does all the things that are important the other -- Terrel Davis for for the Broncos with one of Mike Shanahan is -- guys there. -- the sixth round pick Mike Shanahan does that very well. CSN Washington dot com.

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