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Westbrook: Redskins have an edge with read-option offense



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Wed, 7 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Chu young quarterbacks -- -- and providing that Robertson knee is sound in week eleven you're talking about two of the more mobile quarterbacks who just seem to get things done. He won the looks like you can't. To guard -- can throw the ball down the football field and can run the ball down the football field both teams have a strong running game. I think you have to give the edge of the receiving corps may -- to the Redskins have been annoyed if they can keep Santana Moss -- your profile. Healthy for the defense how we look deported back to normal guy that can do at all. Run the football and continue to shuffle before ball downfield that the deal with this kimbo with these guys coming off their first type of playing experience in the NFL. Can they be successful in their second season doing that here and they have the defense has caught up to the things that open these read option offenses are doing. If the defense can take away some of the things that a quarterback is doing early one in the season and they'll continue to follow that the net that brought about point. RG three any comic opera and we'll have problems amazing -- took over mid November and they got them to the title game. CSN Washington dot com.

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