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Chase Minnifield speaks on his preseason debut


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Fri, 9 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com and rob -- of them by with one of the defenders. For the Washington Redskins they got. Local fans are minorities midfield -- Yeah Jim thanks so much and no it's been a long time and economy get back on the field crowded field Soria is. Graham is amazing feeling any -- got good and -- let's. Another opportunity to come and play again. Were there are nervous more so than maybe a normal -- Game four I really. How does Brady get out and get it done you know prepared well and knowing you prepare well you -- -- as nervous as he would if he didn't. You preparing well -- in practice every day in Richmond you feel like what. You took what you've been doing there on the field tonight. I'm yeah I mean I tried to at least you know in the game situation is a little different look fastest. They it is in practice but it did today is the slowdown was you get more game -- more -- on the field. I know you're playing defense to what you think -- where Kirk cousins our friend the person not Welker been doing crazy things amazing quarterback and he's made in person to. I know it's something. That look guys are gonna go through welcome to the NFL type moment did you see does it into the Carter MO after his family moment. Ninth -- until you know cars -- great playing and I you know he's if we're all gonna get better our young a lot of young guys -- there. We'll get better -- more game. Is -- feel good you feel a 100%. Yeah Monday Tuesday now we're about I -- come out there a woman out there and to do everything I need to do to go to play and play well. And I'm confident dodged any questions you richest event forever about it. What kind of schemes we used in the secondary -- -- quote. Who values like what the players there. That is playing pretty much in. You know who isn't so much. Difficult things to do play. At the same time they just let us play cut close Raanan has played Davies and what did you -- that they know they were young then. There's no way it'd -- gave -- more reps and if things don't get better better time. CSN Washington dot com.

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