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Could Ryan Zimmerman move to first base?



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Fri, 9 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Let's play fair or foul on this time we're gonna do a little foreshadowing. Into the second half of the season especially the -- or those who are still very much in a divisional race. That Mark Reynolds recently. Put on waivers by the Cleveland Indians a former Baltimore or real fair or foul the Orioles should sign mark. Reynolds well let's say follow please don't say no this mark broke out -- I thought I'd be really recently he has not played -- one good month in -- this year. They hit over 300 -- had initial power but after that he is his OPS knotted up this morning OPS since Mays has been 500 -- really -- and that type of power. That he used that he's had a terrible team now he needs some healthy he's a guy like -- -- -- dating coach Dick -- Get him back on track but this is not the time for the Orioles I don't think it'll be much of an upgrade at all so for me. I'd say keep mark Brown's right worry is -- release players that somebody else but while I'm gonna take it even this up. Further back you -- his numbers from this year well go back four years in the last four seasons he hasn't hit better than two point and in those years isn't just a down year for -- this is who is. They can do better with what they have in house. Ryan Zimmerman has had problems throwing the baseball hall she's -- seemingly out of nowhere actually been more of an issue this season than any other so fair or foul. Ryan Zimmerman. Moving to first base a possibility. I will start off -- -- there but not yet. I think some people are taken and this is something could happen. So I'm really -- know this is always been in the back and everyone's back the back of their mind. Powerful because of the -- of throwing at third base and because as he gets older it's natural for any player. For the best field of the injured making the move across the diamond to have Adam -- fine for another year they love what he does defensively hopefully -- up offensively. Down the road -- -- -- there but not yet I think follow would move -- and -- far down but I know he's had issues with his strong but that's -- -- He related to the surgery I know it's become a little bit of a mental issue there's no doubt by. Give him the off season the chance to strengthen that shoulder he's still one of the best glove in the game and I think next year he'll be poised to be another gold glove and I candidate there I would not move -- I'd leave my career. The Orioles chasing those U rays and the Red Sox and they played a little bit of defense on the waiver wire to make sure that those guys -- -- and getting players that could help them. Yeah but ultimately the seasons a fair -- Bulls are Smart to be so aggressive on whatever point you wanted to criticize my cousin that understood that. Odds are you're just doing it all I I think it's fair I think he really should listen dwarf the one aspect from a fun out of perspective. That you can get ball from the from the pennant race and really effective and really did you start to look at it maybe you're not going to claim any of those players yet to be careful we claimed that he don't wanna get a guy like Barry Zito making point two million he's pitched it up the ball but right now. Yet to be put that contract but. From the perspective of the Orioles are doing the right thing they don't want any these players felt that going to Tampa -- on the ball. I like it. It's a fair honest and be aggressive about this it's not always just about the guys that you bring in yourself but making sure the other teams out there that you're fighting with. Don't get guys who might help them so against phones nothing crazy that's gonna -- for the money I think go four. One of the bright spots for the nationals especially recently it's been -- player Jayson Werth hit the ball very very well so fair or foul. Jayson -- played this season is an aberration. I'm gonna say. Foul it's not an aberration but this is would give. We didn't come through this -- if you go back and count laughter also combined those two seasons together -- injures played a 164 games. Hit 308 point one homer 76 RBIs. 8670 yes. As long as he's healthy he's actually been really productive exactly what they thought he would be. I don't think Natalie and I think he can do it again next year and I think it's fair all -- 25 and ninety home run that they've. They paid him like he was up thirty to four forty don't run guy 120 RBI -- he wasn't Baghdad I think you've got to get caught up what he's being paid but. Didn't exactly was any different than a winning player over his career you look at what didn't Philly. Think you're just starting to see that come together because he stayed healthy and Washington I think this is. More what you're Tennessee got him next year here after. CSN Washington dot com.

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