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Tarik El-Bashir believes Kirk Cousins is ready to go



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  3. Robert Griffin0:09, 3:09
  4. David Emerson1:45
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Fri, 9 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Are once again the Redskins asked Kirk cousins to come in reliever Robert Griffin the third this first pre season game. Get the start and do something and he does lead your team to a touchdown in that drive in the first quarter. You're right I mean cousins who was as advertised I mean he played as well as you could have expected from him are six -- 752 yards a nice touchdown pass to Fred Davis he targeted six receivers to connect with five others. Look we all think RG -- going to be ready for week one but we can't be a 100% sure he's gonna be ready for week one. You know if there's any concern. That cousins had not developed properly in the year between week are you you're one in your two. You know I think those -- the only I mean he he he is ready to go if if the Redskins need him to step in week one against the Eagles. He's ready to go he certainly looked confident -- in control of this offense -- you series and you have the skins meanwhile. The rookie is the defensive secondary political mixed bag but Corey Rambo got a penalty after rushing touchdowns. And it's flat out got embarrassed by Chris Johnson to say the SEC. Blog in the NFL. Absolutely welcome to the NFL I mean you know it we talked to him after the game and he said look they're probably aren't many safeties who -- -- Arrived at tackle -- -- -- -- to himself let her go over it let's go in in fairness -- mean really you know Chris Johnson is that special player -- -- he made an outstanding move which you know what I mean -- -- -- a better player because it happened in the game sitting -- I mean if -- if you're looking for the for the silver lining here it's that it wasn't in an important game. So you know he he's he's got the -- angles he's got the work on -- or not biting on that first move when you when you're facing an elite player like that. I thought David Emerson was outstanding. First NFL pass he facing almost -- it off I mean -- he read it perfectly his closing speed was outstanding. And you know -- Thomas you know I think he gets an incomplete because the -- he left the game in the first quarter with a foot injury on he also had a shoulder stinger. You know you hope he doesn't as a whole Lotta time but beyond mid foot sprain I don't know what we're gonna find out problems that are. And we can't get through second about the Redskins without talking about RG three he was out here much like we've seen in in training camp moving around throwing on the run making the cut. And that's a little little odd that he came out -- -- -- The game you know here our son was not an in it was on and pads. Their Cofield was not in in full uniform Trent Williams was not in in -- uniform. RG three was in full uniform it was a little weird but you know it. I think he wanted to do it and Mike Shanahan -- -- -- know what if you wanna do that's fine. Do you like I got a good look at him during pregame and it looked like he is ratcheting up. The level of intensity when it comes -- the agility drills now you know we seemed out of Richmond on -- neutral field. Doing some of that work with Kyle Shanahan today just seemed like it had a little bit more. Our bumps to it you know AA. Obviously -- they don't want to. -- push him so hard this as a setback but it seems like he is starting to. I'd take it to the next level and starting to try to you know find out how close he is to being ready for week. One Robert Griffin the third is not just a good football player he also knows good theater. And him in uniform in full pads is good theater here in Tennessee -- coach your brought groans about to you. CSN Washington dot com.

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