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Do the Nats need a manager with more fire?



  1. Tony Dungy1:20, 1:24
  2. Peyton Manning1:29
  3. Davey Johnson0:15
  4. Indianapolis1:29
  5. Tampa1:26
  6. Washington0:02, 1:47
Fri, 9 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Depth overall this time for the nationals to identify. The next -- I think so our players about gonna start doing it and I will say this the guy cannot have that attitude that Davey Johnson it. You know I understand last year they had some success based I don't know -- they went -- but we found out this year. When -- when the going got tough they couldn't get going now because they're their manager is so even keel. He's so cool but this seems to be affected. Everything is OK I don't care how bad they lose the whatever goes on it. He's okay what we'll do we'll play -- I know I felt like them can you talk a little loud you don't think. I think at this point getting to start looking and find out who is gonna be at at least say. Because I know these guys looking for leadership. You know they wanna say one next year when does does this thing in my nature right now this year did -- -- -- run I don't see that don't you cannot bring in. The same stoic. So even Q everything is OK dad you know when he got -- -- -- when he common the president. But you need to learn how to get Giroux truly -- needles and regardless what they'll say they'll say what behind closed doors he gets it done. Really not give the results for Tony Dungy got Fred came -- the -- love Tony Dungy. But he did third Brooks in Tampa. Who cave man and he had Peyton Manning and Indianapolis who cave man true there are leaders -- I don't know guys is on nationals. -- and I didn't result for you to be mom mattered if you walk but you could have a beast. Behind you didn't things done and that to me is on the players. CSN Washington dot com.

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