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Riggo on the Range: Fishing for trout in New Mexico



  1. White Mountain3:25
  2. Cowboys0:18
  3. Arizona3:26
  4. Washington0:02, 3:48
  5. Europe3:36
  6. bigger fish2:09
Sat, 10 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Well again a down day here it's -- day. We were very near the opera snob by my choice but by the -- stories there is doing game downs Cowboys. But it does happen to have this little play behind me. And as you may be able to see there's some Trout rising out there are some -- -- you know try to enhance the line. I think that. The big fish on the menu of this season. Didn't I didn't drawn don't pay -- first I was dying for a little bit action so I thought the best thing to do is get out the Lyra. There aren't always right. Have a good chance that dinner here. Now again there. The girls -- there. Yeah. -- -- -- New -- live over here -- you guys are and let them all. -- third didn't. Reason Eizenstat. And I can almost taste it. Everybody. That's -- I put discreet Cameron. Go into. -- Thirty pitcher when you're under me me. Scream -- crafted 8000 he. -- -- The -- chairman drama off a little bit they've been setting on ice. The -- true had a memorable little paper here's all of those those. Soriano -- very seriously these couldn't be a better size really there's bigger fish were we were in several. It's just never brought him to shore and I'm glad we didn't because. Would've been tempted to keep them in there they were put on the grill. I wrote the fish -- all the world. And a liberal education -- that. And burn at noon. But it's truly -- schools are both from where Herman. And -- them towards the groove. That's -- The minutes. -- okay. That's and I assume there -- a -- Apart -- the eight menace to society and these babies were down. There we go down. Well managed only need to do. There's always -- here the White Mountain Arizona or else it was Danny -- and I was very fortunate. Really appreciate yeah. Writings here. In the morning we've -- Europe for the blue worldly and headed back. -- the midwest. And we're excited. CSN Washington dot com.