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Is there a rift between Mike Shanahan and RG3?



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Mon, 12 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Robert -- he's clearly excited to get back out on the field his teammates are excited to have him back in the huddle. Also not press conference this morning Roberts said he'd be back out on the field for Tuesday afternoon practice and an eleven on eleven drills. Then Mike Shanahan came on to know it's going to be Wednesday pushed it back today he says because of a change in schedule. Yes there has been sort of his rift developing at least through the media and fans. Between player and coach because player wants to play the coach at least publicly and says he likes it that way. I love when somebody wants to play a lot of love and -- so he wants to be out there. That's a good problem to have as the head coach when you want people out there you want people competing. You want people working hard. My job is to make sure that. We do in this thing for Robert. And that's why we try to do. Oh well I'll become a road everyday prepared the -- you always think about the place them. You never know what to expect no we you know they prepare the same every day when he simply known as soon though going a mile pretty easy question it's. He knows the same thing. -- -- Tedy decided. You know he's still he's still have been a voice you know. No matter what team knows he's not participate in a still. You know being a -- close he wants the players to third pre season games that even a possibility in your mind no no possibility. Joining us now -- Redskins insider Tarik -- this year no possibility guys for the coach and RG three will play in that third pre season games we're not gonna see him in every season we will see him now we know on Wednesday in eleven on eleven drills for the first time how big is this. This is the next big step in his recovering you know due to this point we've only seen -- in seven on seven drills and individual work. Where he's not facing a pass -- so for the first time he's gonna have linebackers. So are not defensive backs and also a defensive wine those guys are going to be coming out of me so for the first time he's gonna have to make decisions he's not comedians make plays on scheduling is not to try to avoid players coming out of now that's gonna put some strange -- surgically repaired right knee so I don't really get to see where he's at how close it is to be able to return to game situation. Coming down the -- inside one month out from the over four weeks from tonight our greatness that's why we can deny it Monday Night Football Redskins and Eagles. RG three they still saying it's gonna be there right. Smallest -- setback I mean Mike Shanahan said since the team arrived here in Richmond but the blame -- for Robert Griffin the third to be on the field under center. We won against the Eagles has always Sosa back. There's been nothing close to a -- back to this point that I amazingly didn't he has and has had no swelling but there's been nothing to have to make you think that it's not gonna happen. Well and interest things certainly every time Mike Shanahan talks to spread out Robert Griffin the third talk it's been great here -- We got a couple more weeks ago before that over no setbacks we expect RG three. To be a -- Michelle -- the wrong guys go back to you. CSN Washington dot com.

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