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Kirk Cousins knows how to relax away from football



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Mon, 12 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I -- as Kirk cousins. Relax. To -- question I'm trying to. Figure out as hesitant about playing on the high stress high stakes environments so it's hard to relax but I do. -- myself a lot gotten over the Barnes and -- here down the street Richmond and on a day off autos go sit there grab some books it down at a table and -- for awhile and my reading of the about history here war presidents you know rather than football and I enjoy doing that guys always we saw the celebration that was the funny moment -- the funniest guy on this team according to -- got. You know that's an easy one for me adding the funniest guys you bone growth and I don't know how many guys apology that but I think far away Stephen Bowen -- my money on whether -- -- -- You know. It's simple a simple answer I mean just because he's hilarious everything he says just -- what I try to replay something that's even better said it's never it's funny it's just a waste even does there's something about -- -- can tell the same story I tell -- last night talent. And it's funny -- them. Are the Shanahan funnyman. Yeah they can be you know go to any canceled the practice on Saturday because of rain he walks in there with a serious face and says you know that we got to be able to play in this weather and everybody is thinking he's gonna have a go out there -- said just getting. Pegasus canceled so he definitely -- sense of humor is not gonna come out of office some guys that it's there and you're you had a couple series. The football soreness that a good soreness that we could you guys have really hit out here how good was that a -- -- the way to that's going I had had a little. Well you never enjoy the feeling that at the same time knowing that the soreness produced a good result is always a good thing in. I felt good about our performance as a number one offense that a bit about effectively won as a team and finish the game strong so. And that's as the source is pretty get a -- CSN Washington dot com.

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