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Mon, 12 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Welcome back developing now -- very unfortunate story in regards to amateur hoops in the area Curtis Malone ahead of 88 powerhouse. DC assault has been arrested and charged with conspiracy. To distribute Harrell went. DEA agents were reportedly investigating Malone for over a year before the arrest took place. Juli is on the other side now with more. And we continue the development of the story as -- summer with the Washington city paper joins us now how well is. The one to break this story my goodness Curtis Malone. How did you come across. So I was checking the court documents come we have a lot of issues going on in DC nearly as political corruption so I was looking for that. I found this and unfortunately in DC it's not that big of surprised when someone is arrested for dealing drugs. But of course you're curtains Chris one's case -- is so much more -- I what does all how big is he within AA you what how much of an impact as a top with them. He's a huge power broker in the basketball community within the DC Maryland Virginia area. Mean he's produced players like Jeff Green I'm Michael Beasley lots of NBA players. And college recruiters who wanna get many of the day area's best players need to go through him is this kind of behavior this kind of incidents surprising within Malone himself. It's certainly been a while it but in 1991 he was convicted of intending to distribute crack cocaine and he did a couple months in prison for that. Harry does this affect his assault on our help us so -- itself has issues statement they say none of their employees or or athletes are under indictment and that's true. Daryn they're saying they're going forward will have to see any Michael Malone assert he sees -- Curtis Malone was certainly a very he is an individual player within the community. I thank you very much we appreciate you coming and we'll summer with the Washington. City paper as we have report on this unforced sort. CSN Washington dot com.