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B-Mitch and Doc weigh in on RG3's press conference



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Mon, 12 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com if you and giving you a person in the world. Okay this is it just as football is not going to tell you what it is suburbs -- -- both on exactly that. Mike Shanahan is here to deal with the Washington Redskins he's not -- to -- BO RG three. And if things don't work out he didn't see that he's moving around like he's -- a little left and you've got to put itself. -- -- rookie season might have the right thing now we got to wait a little bit because -- I think is now in a bad predicament. Because everybody around him so long to get a franchise quarterback. The gifts of mine a brief hope that is -- and he has been that guy. But if he gets hurt again. -- Bob might make it a bad decision Mike Shanahan -- is going to be in trouble. But I don't give myself an up and lead them play Robert Witt will be upset with -- but that he's. Up to be back got from that and I hope my that's the he -- Bill Belichick. Is Mike Shanahan different -- might need to call bill had to deal. How do you keep your team so under control while the Tom Brady someone who has the right who's done it for so many years. Doesn't say anything doesn't go against the why the rest looking don't speak and even when they leave with the guys come did not work more because he felt -- -- and make you think -- -- why. But when you have a guy -- in his second year now who -- one question the coach there at every turn it definitely was fifth. Yeah it's -- football team and I think Mike's doing. The job he's got to do at this point they also here's a novel that -- of a football game Monday night and it concerns Ellis. And it concerns guys make in this team. And guys like Trent Williams who -- -- more concerned about Brandon meriwether. Mole hurt guys on the -- and could see Jordan young -- and out of Florida and a lot more notice I did it. This kid RG three man I love him to death and but right now he's not in the game plan but -- -- -- or later hopefully sooner than later. The focus of the team. You know we get to that team but then when Robert does come back he's going to be very pleased that he's got a better team around him that he had last year. I just think it's no use of a -- -- you weren't being bragged had no promise when nobody. -- -- between the big guy you talk about that we. And Robert was that I he hurt his ankle -- neagle -- all. Yet that's not a good time to be gone -- -- found like the open that the Angels on -- will be at the you know Charlie Brown. Put it at your door and Nicholas LUOK you know -- Not that long you felt. In -- where within what they say don't tell. Don't tell -- -- -- -- might say if you do everything we actually do to do we may play you in a game. -- He has a right to say no his right the backup but I think this head coach has been put in the position to win that lead Dallas will be the right to see what. He wins the game without him he's good he don't make a wanna win the games. I don't care who play it look as you win the games and that's more important than anybody overtake. CSN Washington dot com.

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