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What's behind poor seasons for Nats, Giants?



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  2. Davey Johnson0:35, 1:42
  3. Bryce Harper1:26
  4. National League0:21, 0:31
  5. LaRoche1:34
  6. Giants0:05
  7. Washington0:02, 1:53
Tue, 13 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Mark good to see an out of the Giants and national. They've sort of high expectations. This season as fatally what is the biggest reason for the sub par years. Well I -- start right at the top it's with the lineups look at these two lineups guys. Two of the three least productive. In the National League average about three point seven runs a game you can also point -- problems in the field. Defensively two of the four least lowest ranked. Defense -- teams in the National League they each had their share of injuries as well. You know as Davey Johnson put it today it really doesn't just boiled down to only one thing. Debt load has has had a problem with his back premature year. We lost our for a month pitching. Guys involved and can get left handers. So fortunate the rotation is. Not really affected the first half for me in -- bench. Had some young players on the bench is -- what you get to play because she rips a line. So then coming off the bench and being productive -- hard. So all those things contribute. To. Your momentum. -- now not to be all gloom and doom here because like you said they've won three in a row in the feeling good about themselves after that sweep of the Phillies but. One other negative at least going into this game tonight Bryce Harper. He's been dealing with the flu and he's not in the lineup now I will say this he did take batting practice this afternoon but -- -- Adam LaRoche. Jayson Werth looked pretty good doing it you wonder if you might be trying to talk his way back in the lineup he's got what about 45 minutes to convince Davey Johnson. Maybe put him back in there. Right some discussions of the had thank you very much our national. CSN Washington dot com.

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