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Tue, 13 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I really is Brian Orakpo got us back in the first pre season game here -- your teammates have talked about. What you mean it is being very fulfilled your eloquent playing your game changer for the Redskins did do you feel that -- from your teammates. All monopoly cinemas loses he's gonna you know come in bits. On the team and it was very close friends -- -- you know you -- -- wanna go up there above what's -- -- play hard into the woods almost about a -- you know we're Gaza and go to war with -- best. We saw your celebration after the set I thought it was. A passionate celebrations. For a pre season game when -- you -- you felt that that. -- -- than me being gone from the days. James take your wonderful you know saw no one brought him as a player on the -- go back to loom on the -- remorse over vs so. -- We got to see that again real soon as -- also now Richmond Virginia has been such a good host to the Redskins absolutely and -- with the team I mean we have been able to avoid each other. Almost point four hours a day you coach one of the -- did he get it. Oh absolutely you know we got a lot of great -- with the team and get guys. Playing cards and he goes almost like a college -- we were in the dorms and guys -- bonded and you know. Is doing all types of matches just build an exemption moves. Hurt a little thing with the kids in that moments that was an idea before we came to camp to do that big hit with the fans tell the players reacted. I've always loved the -- we get a chance because you know obviously it's hard to do -- everybody out here inaugural. So we -- we we want to -- those and mix it up the crowd everybody of individual chooses to. The balls are whatever they want you know and then -- be able to walk to feels you know as well as we as we -- to write -- song and you know have a great time with. If you're a kid when you win your kid who would you have liked to have done that -- Probably want your childhood heroes can you imagine what that would have been my hobbies are my -- a lot of these kids I'm sure they've. Made you feel that. And I had a lot of great heroes and -- those cars. One guy man I was a bit ago Oilers. -- Tennessee Titans and wanna move to Tennessee is still Stevens admitted you know you send me. -- -- -- -- Okay so you got to the -- c.'s big game coming up on Monday. Are you about ready to get some home cooking Brian Orakpo senior lovely family -- about. Ready to go home some -- rumors in my whole life and views moving. Is your mom home bid -- house knows you know while -- resume but you know we've been gone for awhile and I kind of come home with a little bit. And we had a on the first day we were here and I'm predicting a big year. Take a look at number -- -- Brian Orakpo he's poised for 2000. -- -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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