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Tue, 13 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. So now we bring in chick Hernandez live from Richmond -- you were at this press conference justice finally clear things up. Not much shirt -- -- clears things up. And I got my -- didn't need to be cleared up to be quite honest six it's a little much ado about nothing. When it comes down to it. Player wants to play the coach wants to coach. Simple as that kinda coach wants the coach that player of the franchise player of this Washington Redskins organization so look. Robert comes in an unscheduled press coverage and then moments later. Its head coach took the podium. One thing -- interest in our relationship was the only good head coach and a quarterback it's a constant communication. Then we'll have lots of talks. Matches. Our quarterback and a coach. -- turn your relationship as time goes on I think the main thing is you know. It's always tells -- a great competitor like property wants to play I think you can see his body language he wants to be out of that and that's a positive Donald shared with you yesterday. So I love that hole on the mindset. From what we do have a plan for. And hopefully I can work I'm hoping that you know send back -- look good. And hopefully we can keep -- getting ready for the first game. Man I won't tell you that I think the organization knew that Robert -- service and address so we in the media we were warned to be there at the press conference first Mike Shanahan -- the Mike Shanahan was signing autographs and taking his time. I think everybody knew that Robert Griffin the third -- something on his mind. Wanna get off his chest and certainly did. We'll also bring in former Redskins general manager Charley casserly who was in studio with us this evening Charlie. Is this whole situation truly a big issue for the Redskins or is it a simple disagreement between player and coach. I don't think it's a big dissing him because knowing the two personalities Mike Shanahan. Is a very strong personality he's in charge RG three is a fundamentally good person we know that -- he's a Smart guy. That every now and then I think he gets ahead of himself a little bit on some of the things he said I don't know this happen but thinking back to my days with a strong head coach like Joseph Gibbs. If a player has said some of the things that RG three had said yesterday. That would have been a come to Jesus meeting between the player and head coach at some point and then a player might walk out and say what he says today and I don't know that happen. But up back in my day that's what would have happened. -- you're around the players every single enrichment what's the sense among RG three's teammates is this a big deal to them. I don't think it's a big deal Jason back to a Charlie aside I very well think that that's. Probably what happened here that Robert was talked to and said look. Let's confront -- camera -- quick. Let's straighten this thing out and make sure there's no miscommunication. But again I go back to the fact that it's just two guys are very competitive. And nothing. Dangerous has been said here for the player wants to play as far as teammates go they don't care. Very excited and they wanna see him in the 1111 drills they're doing their jobs they can care less about any so called. Rifts within a head coach. Kind of been a quarterback that's not really there and they wanna get this job done and they get ready for the regular season they retire here in Richmond we had very chippy. Practiced today -- minute -- -- Robinson Gladys. That coach called a timeout had a -- said look you guys we can't do this kind of stuff and it gave me a fifteen yard penalties and there were more concerned about the job. At hand. CSN Washington dot com.

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