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Randy Edsall and the Terps find 'great inspiration'



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Tue, 13 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Gotta love him I have my -- the University of Maryland. They opened at their training camp today to critically ill children team as a Carnegie -- foundation out children and their families they were able. To take it nice needed break from the hospital and watched the terps prepare for the upcoming football season. As well as take a tour of the team house and have dinner with -- goods. -- head coach Randy hustle he at a very special message for his team. My right know more treatments right. Beat it but hey. I get a man here which Crist up there pulled the rookies say hold the rope ones or three hold the rope hold I want to -- well. There's really and great inspiration. Detroit team do you -- you see these as these little kids that are battling you know different ailments and that are out here -- smile I'm having fun and just kind of that reminds us of that. -- be happy. You know. For every day life. CSN Washington dot com.

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