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Roark gets second win amid long, eventful victory



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Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com there's nothing worse than a lengthy rain delay in a ball game forcing a starting pitcher to an early exit. The nationals though had to overcome just that on Tuesday night. With Gio Gonzales limited to four innings and the bullpen having to pick up the slack the rest of the way to earn the win. Faster. There are fifteen minutes or not he's not going back out if he's healthy. Bush is -- -- -- was doing pretty well in the rain delay so but -- isn't as a group like Houston where. We're out there and -- -- and we don't have it every single hitter unless we can as hard as you can. I wanted to go out there pitch again I wanted to go out there and at least give the team a chance of bullpen and a churning but. No -- great job he went up there and -- strike zone. And everyone in the bullpen you know it's just great to see a buckle up there and above 98 and never see guys come in -- do his job and Soriano shut it down so -- and phone calls agree went 441 general it's pretty good. There were some early fireworks and nationals dugout. When Jayson Werth got into a heated argument with Gonzales who was slow to cover first base on a potential double play Jason sometimes you know you can do Booker use. Thought that usually cover first. And Indy was confetti falls to a third. It was bad back and phone towards that are you know if -- over there. We just forget about the nicest thing where. You get a year or when you've under achieved and struggling. -- around each other all day long and you know occasions and tempers are and where. Guys -- competitive this can happen. Now we'll -- they'll both be over tomorrow and so we. And stays between me weren't. Spirits -- like it. To -- do Gonzales declined to elaborate on the incident and Werth declined to talk at all after the game. Perhaps he'll return to the ballpark on Wednesday in better spirits but certainly helps that their team has suddenly won four straight games. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.