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Rich Tandler talks about Redskins options at safety



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Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Also look at the Redskins defensive backs that theory is he joins us each Wednesday on Redskins nation rich Taylor from CSN Washington dot com the injury to Phillip Thomas. Who does that open the door for. They got they get it helps. -- -- -- John Gomes and or Jordan -- there were either fighting for. One job if you know if there were gonna keep fives AB's -- might have been left out all together they're good they're gonna keep yourself. Know that that so one of them will likely be on the team where they could both end up and up on the fifteenth race. And and that type of injury the Lis franc injury it's kind of -- usual because Phillip Thomas 1 AM. Went in with -- head and shoulder we have thought he was knocked down we have thought maybe a shoulder injury yeah that was the initial look at what happened but come to find out. He's got the dreaded -- -- Yes does the list for -- -- if it's out. I'm not a doctor but it's basically it's just is not only the ball in the foot that is some ligaments in his right there too that are damaged. Not as bad as it used to be even a few years ago you know this this happened two minute time where I grew Algiers to recover. Brandon Jenkins had won. Their opener last year he's been participating all mini camps and exactly it used to be you off almost a year off that foot so. It's gotten better so hopefully. Can look for him in you know him an offseason program starts next year and he can start making up for lost time. Not could knee injury to Phillip Thomas opened the door for possibly another quarter. To make it in the numbers game back there I was watching practice we saw some footage of remarks. At the top in this segment there's a lot of DB's out there right. Yeah I mean it's going to be tough you know I guess chased -- in the field is now the sixth quarterback and it's going to be hard not to keep -- you know he's he's feisty he's shown well. And you know it can any of those can be read them move up and in Dillon's second DeAngelo hall -- at some. I saw Josh Wilson doing a little bit yesterday. Yes and there there's some flexibility in there but as far as it. If full time safety -- give I was four. Now for Sixers may -- can't. -- -- gonna talk to you is going to be in the studio right there at Redskins park which has had a renovation of -- really good viewing guided tour next week. Here on Redskins nation how would you assess how training camp as long enrichment. Oh it's just I'm very well you know the crowds have been the crowds have been good. It's been just just from may -- media members standpoint. It's been any out it's been written punish McGwire I'd been great in the tent. Can always always find some good free food around somewhere -- you just if you just found solace in my pocket and that's by the they could Alter it or they out and it's -- -- it's a great talent good facility here. There's not yet been a lot of fun. We will see you in Ashburn. We will see you for the fans format for a quick time out here are. CSN Washington dot com.