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Brandon Meriweather: 'I'm still a little rusty'


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Thu, 15 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. You feel you're back on the field a long road for you but we see the smile we see the enthusiasm in the fashion that's got to feel good. Yeah Garnett and guys trying to -- the -- Brown would -- if they wouldn't you want. Roth broke free you ever turn the X -- -- anything like that your career either college or. Are prone to do that you you've made an impact flesh on a football team that was -- football team on the division. -- -- This is really my first. First time ever again. That's such a great personality. Really your teammates drive on you a little bit because you do could be a lot. -- that is they've probably been. -- -- -- You know event. Grabbed on me when a bomb went. How much in the anticipated this camp now that it's almost over we're together but beyond they got. Your bags almost back you got your -- almost in the car and all those of the Hartford on him to go back home but. Describe how the kid went for it arm and went okay and I think. I'm desperate need to be. Yeah back on the they're not quite to the -- well on them. Other than that. Is being run -- you know felt the full brunt of Redskins nation I think pillage and might not have known what to expect but does the -- -- you're surprised in anyway. There has been. Watch exactly when they -- them. It's always been right. Based -- are always. CSN Washington dot com.

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