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Plethora of pass-rushers give Redskins options



  1. Ian Gold2:02
  2. Darryl Tapp0:13
  3. Virginia Tech1:56
  4. Raheem Morris1:47
  5. Ryan Kerrigan1:20
  6. Florida State1:17
  7. Titans1:22
  8. Seattle0:29
  9. Redskins fan0:32
  10. pass rushers1:28
Thu, 15 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. As the Redskins go about building a perennial winning team back to find the right type of players to build around. Darryl Tapp is that kind of player. Loves the game studies doesn't like make mistakes. Great to be around now love the guy you if you if he makes a mistake he gives it looks like he's doing Julia. I loved being around -- think the guys can be -- players. After seven years in Seattle and Philadelphia it was a no brainer for the lifelong Redskins fan to sign in DC. But he knew it wouldn't be easy going from a lifetime of being a defensive end with a hand in the dirt in the fourth three. To a standup outside linebacker in the skins 34 defense is -- an honest. They my seven getting great coach and a -- -- losing coach in this. Hey coach episode transition hasn't been as heart of the quality of men that they've been on top me bringing things dale form in his limited progress hopefully well. He's made a pretty seamless transition mean. That's pretty natural and space to it's that's these are the biggest thing guys struggle with this no. Move in moving in space and trying to make open field tackles he's pretty movies made a pretty seamless transition I've been pretty impressed them. Having weapons on defense is a luxury this year in addition to -- the skins drafted Brandon Jenkins from Florida State. It allowed Jim has looked to move Ryan Kerrigan to a defensive tackle position against the Titans and get a sack. Being first round pick chance warm up. Team manager having a lot of pass rushers on the field at the same time but. You know you kind of wondered when you're -- the first game snapped with that of his -- and you know him in the audience tenth overall picks they come home wondered how it's gonna go and a fortunately it worked out pretty well have a lot of numbers in the best thing nobody is is what you have numbers knowing how to use it. Coach has -- Number -- slow Raheem Morris Eddie grant coasting on how to use this to our madness though it's got a lot of -- degree. -- doesn't just bring talent he brings the right attitude as well. Virginia Tech -- always seems to have a smile on his face and enjoying his chance to put on the Burgundy. Ian Gold complacent football you gotta love doing what he's doing it now because were -- goes a football articles food work and any other job you may have so. Matt I enjoyed a grand manages that's been a little more. CSN Washington dot com.

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