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Fri, 16 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Brought back sports -- love barbecue were Chris Miller Chris. Good Dale's what they're a Little League World Series game Lugo didn't that -- late on but once they saw. They had a player first race they will include dugout and instant replay they got it right -- part -- blown -- call. And they -- they got it right they call them out but it Major League Baseball to one spot that had not told you last instant replay yet if they wasn't fall off there went home one comes out -- but plays at the plate. Weren't that now they're thinking about utilized -- moving forward spent an instant replay dole -- -- to vote on it. Great move bad. I think it's a great move because the a lot of -- so maybe the speed of the game they might be taken a little bit longer. I think it's actually gonna help to speed again was no longer will you have. Buck Showalter or Davey Johnson for Joseph Girardi -- -- out there throwing dirt Jim Lee left the -- dirt out there complaining now they can just. Throw a flag. Isn't of -- everything and give a signal does yeah normally this is such a cold you know they might do a lot of that stuff out but it's gonna go to New York so is gonna actually take. The actual call away from the umpires at the stadium phils ended up to New York they'll review it like to do with the NHL they'll come back with the ruling a I think it's great for Major League Baseball progression moving the sport a long a lot of people always thought about. This is the boredom of the sport you know they don't really change a lot of things -- is this unwritten rules of baseball. If you can deliver the hole and I do exactly but I think at this. Instant replay allowing calls to be made right you know I think about a couple of years ago Nikita had the no hitter in in Detroit. Missed the call there blew the kids know it it was perfect game this now gives. You know Major League Baseball some legitimacy as it pertains to. Things that are being called on -- I'm not saying taken the umpires out of and I heard some by today's say what's next now they do this to the umpire out of and have a computer judge of its own. I guess I'll hit it not that that's the thing obviously get it right of -- I have to I have I have one call are being used from the first. Used -- six in the right I have to call argues with seven inning there in the regain it to be eighteen days you have to use it wisely. You can't just go on try to replay every call you can't tell you recall I think that's a good thing about. To put -- that type of situation I think is right. Because it comes down once in a game that in times whereas a call that you need to get right. It could be one lulls we could be -- somebody -- our -- somebody continue to do job and I think through the object to get it right. And I think baseball it's finally stepping up I pray that these owners voted why they got -- head for opposite. In favor of -- past and I hope that you can get it right. CSN Washington dot com.

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