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Can Nats reverse fortunes vs. teams over .500?



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  2. Orioles1:56
  3. Braves0:45
  4. Atlanta1:02
  5. Washington0:02, 3:12
  6. blown save2:27
  7. star break0:58
  8. wild card0:16
  9. lost track2:16
Fri, 16 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com it. Well nationals recently have been playing the top of baseball we thought they would play since the beginning of the season winning five straight they lose in a very difficult way today. But at the very least they -- sort of back in the wild card hunt it seems more well. Yeah but I think the key to what they've done here in the last week is that they're not paying attention to the standings they finally sent after they got swept by the -- you know what. Let's not worry about where we are let's just go try to win a game every day. And in the end of all this we'll see where we stand and I think they've played more relaxed because of it Thursday's blown lead notwithstanding. There's -- a better frame of mind I think that they really got caught up there for awhile in -- how many games back are -- how much they have to make up especially against the Braves I think now that kind of wipe that out and look in May be too late they may acknowledge it but. Go out there give everything you've got there at least playing better the certainly beating the bad teams that's been a key. They're ten and three now against teams under 500 to -- all star break the problem is there one in eleven. Against teams with winning records so Atlanta this weekend. That's a big sign if there's any chance of them turn thing around they've got to go in their take two and three so they can be a good team. One of the guys of the stepped up recently as Denard Span hasn't been great to play the defensively. And especially this week has made some fantastic place to keep these guys in the race fantastic and well. I don't offensively he hasn't been what they hoped he would be in and he's the first to admit it. He has had so much value to them defensively and -- the play. To end the game the other night was actually rarity in that he had to dive for any actually got a little bit of a bad jump and what's been so remarkable bottom that everyone has -- is. His ability to get a good read off the bat and get -- so quickly that he doesn't need to make it look like a tough play at all that was a rare case -- actually had to. This guy I know he hasn't been exactly what they wanted but the value he's brought to them in the field I think is made up for a lot of office shortcomings. Okay we're gonna go on the record now nationals have 42 games remaining the Orioles have 43. Where did they finish mark talk about the nationals we start with you when you are right look and they're playing better now obviously I think they are gonna continue to play better the rest of season the problem is there's just not enough time left there's like you said 42 games. Even if they go saying. Twenty. Four and to have lost track come -- -- -- look ET. But you're still talking mid eighties -- they require somebody else to come away back in the pack so I've got to move on and announce their say 84 -- had an 85 not for the blown save by Soriano. 84 wins a couple couple games short deficiencies -- strong but they just dug themselves too big of a hole. Guys I think your right I have what I do like though they're holding each other accountable you know where you saw that even the other day with. We is that worth in Ngo kind of going at each other there on a play were he in that Werth didn't get the ball -- quick enough of these deals mind -- cover first base. And you start to see them going at each other in the dugout and that goes on during the course of the season but last time he'll see it on camera and I think that that's the been lacking up to this point so I think there are some some sign for me as a club it's gonna be about 500 the problem is his. You're chasing. A three teams that are in the other division here even plant in on that's gonna be the problem in that night in and actually central. CSN Washington dot com it.

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