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El-Bashir: Final thoughts on RG3 at training camp



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Fri, 16 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com and Logan -- -- -- it obviously showed that went last year out. None of the quarterback position we knew coming down originally me. Sporting world's focus most likely be on Richmond Virginia because of Robert Baker the third and that is how it is transpired. More so I think just because as a little boredom brought them. Talk about how to that he usage is that situation and we have to be in the coach they've both made themselves very clear the bottom line is what it. The background of we've talked about it weekly review absolutely you've gone back and forth that that's a little bit logic you know -- got -- little bit better job what do you think today. In the last they can. You know I thinks it 6040 right now he's going to be ready for week one there are too many variables too many unknowns having to. You're asking us to predict the future there have been no setbacks -- swelling in the knee everything's looking good right now but you know what. He -- three and a half weeks a lot can happen in that time and I'm just not so sure. That he's gonna be able to go week one I just there's some good news reporter instinctive guy gut feeling right I think it's in the early in the season. I and I just think that. We won his asking a lot and Adrian Peterson you know set the bar for coming back but I didn't even a half months asking RG three to do it in eight months to the day. That's that's a tall ask right there considering there is an LCL a second ACL repaired and ominous that's a lot going on let me. And you know I so this -- all into week one. Because you know it's all in four for ten for ten years if not for week one so I you know we'll see it. CSN Washington dot com.