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NFL training camp is a lot like prison



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Fri, 16 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I'll start with you obviously can't -- can't Shanahan enrichment concludes today. What as a player do you take away from -- on when you hear that final born. Thank camps over away from -- for an obvious your body as fast as you can go and it is it is absolutely the long arduous miserable slaughtered. To get to NFL training camp I don't know about you Brian but whatever I got no training camp. It was a feeling of relief it's like you're happy on on the island prison. And -- finally broke his finger if I mean you look around there's no question anymore and it's kind of hard to say it's oppressive because you're on an NFL team -- making a lot of money and -- is good. But it feels that way it's such a relief. To get out of there will be right yards I think there's. I'm young guys that that relief is not gonna end because they actually -- not make and it's -- roster for that they will be at the end of lies somewhere hopefully. You know on another team if they performed well but that's as strong as the main leaving camp and I know for me it's a constant -- minister what I play for Baltimore Ravens. They -- -- won forty because we're always trying to get down that road and you know would do what you do in a way and Trevor talked about beating cam was like prison. Was the same type of thing yes you're playing football you're doing a job and you're doing whatever but until you get a chance to get home sleeping your own bed and be around -- comfortable environment. Those are one of the things that you always try to get back to as soon as possible. Because again it was almost like Shelton but yeah. I think you're already -- -- yeah. Here's -- that's your best -- because I mean the friendships that that they developed in the shot chuck -- had a definite right you develop that because you're miserable -- yearly gathering and in a completely hostile environment. Working together towards a goal is very important to everybody and that's part of the reason to go away for training camp because the misery of it makes you more of a cohesive unit. CSN Washington dot com.