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Crowd can't get enough of RG3 in Richmond



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Fri, 16 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com and well the participation of Robert -- or continue to grow apart from the beginning of training camp at the end kinda look back on the whole thing your impressions of you know I thought it was rather solid and he started out with seven on seven drills and he did eight repetitions -- up to ten more than the seventeenth the last three days. Do you persuading me to angels' eleven on eleven. Com by my count -- 49 snaps in eleven on eleven he completed 27 of 33 passes and 81%. Completion rate or grating -- and I. -- -- my -- those are -- strong and I would you know obviously he was not facing a -- pass rush. And you know there were times where a guy you know I think your real games is reasonable winter -- -- the way it reminds -- and so on but overall. I think things are moving in the right direction but as we -- Bruce Allen told us today. Still no guarantee he's going to be great for week one -- the beginning of the process that. It was so kind of money on Friday he didn't run the first time we saw a zone read and scrambled and made him. Yeah. -- to the ground which got a round of applause from the he's a lot of showman that hasn't -- -- but I guess he's learning his lessons you know he was -- your shoulders to listen to a slide. I think it was. The former high opinions behind me got a good laugh out of that. Because you know you can it was smiling when he did it. But you know I think that was important because he had to make a couple of our schedule moves here feel he teach you don't linemen and into the linebacker -- If you remain dislikes so you know and -- -- -- walk away from that so -- worst in the daughters Brittany after. Obviously you do things out here. The game and that's something we need to see from Robert -- And when he's international game will he learn to avoid those big hits to start -- -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com it.