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Redskins crowded backfield having a great training camp



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Fri, 16 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com part of me doesn't wanna see number 46 -- mores. Until. Monday night against the Eagles. But he's shop but it -- bit what concerned about is if not Alfred in who. That -- -- -- last week and Mitchell made some great point wanna see Alou finish stronger love his game he's in great shape Thompson was it is you get out. Davis has always going to be some of those guys Brian. Fourth twice this moment because again I got voice and there are eleven to death if you don't get enough opportunities. Just having one of the best competition and all the training camp. Did you look at the guys that -- backed up this -- -- thought -- no doubt what you look at Alou Royce or the other two young guys Thompson also -- -- tomorrow Jamison. They are going to have the battle in front of what is now what are -- and Alou those guys have upper hand on the two young guys. But we don't know what those young guys didn't hear what happens if I can't really tell when you say this guy doesn't have a chain it's been also and he gets into a game and they kick off the ball to a B Devin did it before it -- it would certainly retarded that is certainly don't think yeah I don't. He's doing well happily -- anybody would a big break that it happened for you and I think this team is the training -- felt was successful. The facility it's unbelievable. The guys take great field position field conditions and nobody got injured one got other developed Allison and everybody else -- -- I think that's the main thing about training camp. CSN Washington dot com.