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Redskins look to improve run D



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Mon, 19 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. When it comes it. This is a guy -- sports net central update. Everybody in cold -- here at their Geico sports net central update despite coming out of their first pre season game with the victory the Redskins still have. Much to improve on before their season opener September 9. Washington's run defense was a concern after allowing 126 yards on the ground against the Titans. Including a 58 yard strike from running back Chris Johnson an area the skins look to improve on tonight. Against the Steelers. Obviously we didn't do a good good enough job and run last week disappoint in that there because we guess one of the -- I thought we were we have this our strength. And now we'll clean that helpful because we're going to be good run again I thought the guys did a nice job pass rusher last week. You know the First Lady through ball would get a sack so it encouraged by that Iraq being back obviously is a big plus horse. And you know -- I think we stay healthy and do the things we -- will be all right. Don't forget we get you ready for the game tonight with the Steelers and an hour long edition of Geico sports net central at six. Settled it from here on the Comcast sports net studios I'm Nicole Darren for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.