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With improvements are Wizards a playoff team?



  1. Al Harrington0:43
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers0:24, 0:34
  3. Indiana Pacers0:09
  4. Milwaukee Bucks0:59
  5. Detroit Pistons0:21
  6. Miami Heat0:07
  7. BP1:07
  8. Brandon Jennings0:23
  9. Eric Maynor0:45
  10. Wizards0:27, 0:30, 0:39
Mon, 19 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. If -- one would assume that in the Eastern Conference that Miami Heat Chicago boy with Indiana Pacers Brooklyn nets and New York missed all once again be -- -- -- I'm Brian Dixon joined by I was as analysts say Michael and been standing so -- and the ease some the other teams have also improve themselves. Did Detroit Pistons have added Jeff Smith Brandon Jennings and Cleveland Cavaliers have added and combine. So what does that leave the Wizards in the Eastern Conference playoff mix I still think the Wizards are expected or should be better than the Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers simply because this. Those teams have a lot of new pieces on the mean you got to see how they -- the Wizards have had a season -- -- together. Any added experienced guys and Al Harrington. Is Eric Maynor so you would expect given good health. That the Wizards would be a better team. I think if the Wizards are only a number eight seed that's a little bit of a disappointment. The bottom of the east is extremely weak Boston won't be there -- rebuilding. You look at the Milwaukee Bucks lost -- starting backcourt. So I think for the wisest to be about a six he is where they should be based on the players they bought in and the money BP -- Them being with about five spots on the list that we named earlier when you see there was this fitting in next season. Yeah I think we're Jason's right I mean that you got to avoid the eight seems to -- Miami is the one if you have any chance in the playoffs anyway realistically the six makes a lot of a lot of sense. I think one -- a number. We can talk about they've improved and how they can stack up but it's a better teams but the -- of last year they beat the better teams they struggled against teams that they just mentioned like who who were not likely to make. The playoff sucking for all the talk of the playoffs they really don't some only to focus on taking care of business where they can and then using that to build the confidence to build toward. Taking on the better teams in the east but I think they should they should be there for sure. CSN Washington dot com.

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