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In light of recent news, is RG3's recovery on track?



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Mon, 19 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Not a route -- a very passionate love you requested. They questioned his move quite a while ago back in the game did he give information that he got to be clear that he and that ball. How would ask him weeded them out and whose stated that he gets ahead. Roberts who wait the week five. Have a lot of reporters from around the various -- called doctor Andrew lane he did that now I'm the stand up there are no -- this -- Two if someone comes I'll probably say that I -- is something that didn't say. I'll just privately talked to people are make a public statement as shouted down coherently public from a from. Okay our river last year when he made the comment that he had cleared to play or whatever he did talk to at least they. When did -- clear you know this man knows how to word stuff that they -- himself. Do you believe they didn't say you believe what the wooden Robert say they believe with or how would instantly. I think it there's still value late -- what I think I think at this point it depends on Roberts progress how he looks apparently he'll look great tonight. In the drills before the game he looked like he was sprint to -- his throws had a lot of pop they have always had that over the past couple of weeks. I really think you're still in a period of evaluation here and doctor Andrews is not. And if they think first of all he has his own reputation to -- which is stellar and secondly we don't really know the politics are. I don't think a lot of that would have been stirred up if Robert hadn't come out against the Colts last went. Ultimately if somewhere between. I think it's somewhere between him veterans affairs doctor Andrews that sort. I think also there's so much more than and they go forward -- for a thousand football. So much of -- won't you wanna be there and they know if Robert is -- that is why he has been put that money and again. It is the NFL if dates if Bob Robert is there people don't be in the seats and we board being so you know can this be thought it would just push it and he's not gonna play. You know I understand all the different -- different about -- whichever it. But I really have a problem. With the fact that that is the story all the time this is a very good football team. We'll have struggled a bit about the best -- -- these right now while watch a lot of good football out there and I think yes he's brought some excitement back. But this team is bigger one person. That's -- did they gonna be successful is not only office that have to do well they're deep has got to step up so of that goes on there that think all this talk about one person. Is taking a lot of for a lot of press away from guys that deserve it because they get better. Well you're exactly right and it could be a situation B -- where. If his knee is 90% and he's cleared to play that he doesn't doesn't that doesn't necessarily have to be 100% true so -- -- to say look. He can play right now however your best move is to wait a few more weeks and so maybe that's up to the Redskins to decide -- -- -- -- -- practice would not play in there and there's a little too when it's clear we don't know where we are not only -- -- exactly. CSN Washington dot com.