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Redskins suffer through injuries in preseason victory



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Tue, 20 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Even when he's not lying Robert Griffin the third is the center of attention. Three hours before the Redskins even kicked off their second pre season game against the Steelers. All lies written midfield. As RG three went to work just like last week in Nashville. Robert was rolling around this time it felt different he was throwing darts looking as good as he's looked. There at all. Advance. Watch him on the field and brought him in. Obviously. Check -- and first time -- these check Robert you know since we went to training camp when he proved that he could practice. But he felt very good about you know his progress. But as RG three and doctor Andrews were smiling and joking on the sidelines during the game at the doctor was quickly all the action when Kirk cousins went down. Came out of the game with what's being called a mild sprain on his right foot. You know I felt it initially and as I was walking back to huddle is just -- Kind of self evaluate how much if I had to change directions and Indian athlete and I do that and as a sort of walking back out on field match is decided you know what. Pre season game number two with a long season ago now's not the time to try to be here. And the injuries started piling up. Barry Cofield who was dominating all night began -- fractured his right hand but he says don't worry he's been down this road before. -- guys. Broke the same. Bone in -- other hand in eighth grade and came back and play great in middle school football so I'm not a word about it appears to bounce back a little taping -- -- As for the actual game itself the biggest play by far was turned in by Ryan Kerrigan. Third of his career. He fought all the way. When did you know you had secured. Man not to cry about seven yards after I missed initially hit it does because I thought I was gonna drop but I bruise terrified I was in front of the thank goodness I did it. We'll work ethic. And -- so. He got its Arsenal slow sluggers scores -- in fighting the ball like he did all in the end zone for the dunk attempt once he got -- I'm go fighter but took my two yards to kids who were on the they got they got the dunk over him have done -- don't qualify me. We're -- it was pretty bad hill his period flight up a little bit -- flush all the -- one of what rules exciting assumed and you know. Thing is that the -- had tried to -- it too much -- basketball you got to kind of like pick your forearm on all on the when you're Duncan a football it's a different. I'd I'd say it's more of a technique thing and in a vertical that thought it was funny -- I've -- It wasn't pretty but it certainly was effective. After the game my ascent animosity give -- and a hard time about it he said now he keeps doing that every week -- just fine by me. With the Redskins at FedEx Field rob Garland CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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