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Kerrigan breaks down juggling pick 6 TD



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Tue, 20 Aug 2013|

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Macias and Washington dot com. Aren't all that all juggling some jokes aside there was some tree here about the next week so as you did make the play. And how exciting to get you and you're one of the few guys that have been able to -- that -- -- -- -- different. Now it's. There's a lot of what I anticipation you know you can tell by the way tackles that's running back comes on the back field I had hopes when Nolan -- as much -- -- play inside out. And I helps a lot and -- just have been fortunate it make this place if you're going smiled when I say it. What do you think about where your defense playing right now in the press you guys again it is a big smile when what do you. I thought today was. Didn't like in the run game except for pressure wise you know we. We are able to get pressure from Florida I think that's key for us you don't -- -- -- rely on the blitz all too often Sonoma and in pressure definitely respect for us. Got nicked up you mean very -- got the fractured hand them. How does that change and he says he's gonna play with a with a club and how does that change a window of a defensive front guy can do his job -- and no that's. He's our hands are pretty much. -- we do you know we're we're constantly and fight and not in our hands on another guys hands of his appearances John Hawkins -- so. It's going to be tough you know hopefully there can find a way around it. But the short turnaround normally game three in the pre season. You guys that's the starters play a lot about how do you get your body ready for that returner. Obviously on the people -- your best friend and I know the Helm of the and there are a lot the next couple days. If a couple we hit about four or five days will be. And Westbrook and the young guys who are trying to make describe the trying to get their name called in his last two games do you counsel them. You know that. Didn't do much that I mean they've been they've been. Professionals from anyone especially the linebacker -- -- -- little confidence coming in you know there hasn't been a whole lot of drop off when they come and that's been key for us. Us coaches and it's tough decisions and cuts got some good adjustments. CSN Washington dot com.