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Shanahan talks injuries from Monday's game



  1. Barry Cofield0:21
  2. Ryan Kerrigan1:05
  3. Gaylord Perry1:50
  4. Moline0:29
  5. Buffalo1:51
  6. Washington0:02, 2:36
  7. offense defense0:56
  8. pre season game1:32
  9. practice squad2:28
  10. tough decisions2:25
Tue, 20 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com the told injury is obviously a a factor tonight and give us a little bit of an update personal Kirk cousins. He's gotten -- foot -- At least according to trainers and Wednesday at target and ends hopefully. Don't take too long nearly -- more and X 2448 hours Barry Cofield this -- hand wrapped up policy going to be out. Well you -- you can cast up pretty quick you know Boca Moline right hand I can cast an incompletion in this anytime Millen -- Well probably keep not sure. Until the regular season but and he's a -- going to be back. Courage and are given an opportunity to look at it checked there were two world. But did any young guys step up tonight that in a flash Richard quest will get a chance to do -- over the next 2448 hours is really study. You're on the film and see who is really stepped up -- and I'm -- offense defense line. Going into the running backs and wide receiver and sometimes secondary and make some plays but clearly -- told that he hurt you too early to say. Ryan Kerrigan has that moved down I mean what an incredible play in this guy gets better every season he saw the scream come on. And now you can -- he's so Smart and he jumped up he's got excellent ends. You know most outside linebackers can make them play jog a little bit I think that was more for the crowd than anything else but. Yeah I these special players special player but -- person as well short turnaround for the team of the game on Saturday that any different workweek issue prepare for that third pre season game a little bit different you know tomorrow being their day off. Except for treatment those things and then Wednesday Thursday and Friday will run like a normal -- hitters are trying their regular season. Except try anywhere get together over to -- won't be quite as long -- That'll take off and -- on take off but. You know stay over to Gaylord Perry from Buffalo so it is a short week. Analysts and kind of disadvantage of playing on Monday night shorter when the following we can play on Thursday yeah short -- but. And usually that last -- chance take a look at some players are on the -- get a chance to see them with a good work alone and lost your starter for now. Finally how much -- the decisions this year coach at that you got a lot of players on this more than 53 good ones. Well that's -- you'll have and that's when you knowing you know you're going in the right direction with your franchise your organization one. And it's very tough to pick the top fifty answering and you wanna have some tough decisions. Not only with your 53 when your practice squad as well. For a position right now that day in his skin a lot tougher. CSN Washington dot com it.

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