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What will Nationals do with David DeJesus?


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Tue, 20 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com one day after they acquired. David DeJesus through waiver trade report came out that the nationals actually plays day's -- Back on waivers again so what's going on here. -- doesn't necessarily mean the nationals are trying to get rid of him. It's more of a procedural thing is the process you have to go through if you didn't -- trade somebody after July 31 just like. They did in claiming him now it's possible result they screw up on their part that they didn't want to claim in the first place they're trying to block him from somebody else. But the other possibility. Is that they did in fact I want him. But knowing that their season may not go as expected and if they were to continue to slide maybe another team would want him. Before the end of the month before the September 1 deadline this post season rosters so this would. At least set up the possibility of him being treated -- doesn't necessarily. Mean that he will be gone but it does have the possibility that he could be traded once again. CSN Washington dot com.

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