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Redskins need to be cautious with Griffin, Cousins



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Tue, 20 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Wonder if -- went down and if they came on -- -- Iraq came out negative and the fact he was you know now he was not as sore as -- of the day. -- -- -- they have -- Robert I know I think there should be more courses right now sure rich or bowl titles doesn't help the coming up if if -- is -- before Robert you start occurred in Robert comes along little bit later. It is as vice Versa do you do you -- But I'm not ready for -- -- -- I mean listen to -- a scene that I'll watch out don't look at -- definitely I think this I want godfather trilogy all three movies back to back to back. Nine times not know how everyone -- in. I know how does -- -- -- virtual old and that's not a good -- it but Barry Cofield you know -- that was Selig has to be answered but when you have a castill. That you can use those pains. You avoid -- you gonna let you -- a disadvantage. Office elaborate on -- to be used against you know you have a well. You got the club yeah when you can't grab on to blow -- the wind things like that. Is going to be a major probably be tough vehemently and -- -- and I'm still very important on that space he takes it in the middle allows those guys outside going to be -- and another concern Robert Griffin military he's still out there working guys cause he can't. He put it would not -- the -- but the word is that -- that if you're the first make that decision we've got. And I'll say it. Doctor Andrews had been in the position right now apple last year what they -- -- decision to -- hit who set a wounded got back on the football field. Not once but twice. And I think this year he's going to drive the best quality. As he can't he can't afford to have another he. You know if you gotta make that decision and make damn sure that that guy's on it doesn't help you sent a lot this year and something happens on. If it's not something you won't get out down the -- for -- We'll get to connect to something else do you really believe. That he is the only person making this decision because I can tell you I think doctor Andrews will clearly have the most day. But I'm not convinced that it's just his decisions I sort of feel like they're gonna put it on him and I and lawyer's reputation to -- I don't really know who's called the shots -- I don't know -- it's about the -- they listen to anybody it got to be him it shouldn't be nobody else but him Arnold Jimmy Robert it is should not be Robert -- on the blog he wants to play. His givens on this and about this right things he wants together with to get the respect that. Thought Mike Shanahan would want him out -- but Mike Shanahan took the last you can. I think doctor Angela Shanahan go to late decision and they both on the Duke Aramis out of caution instead of trying to rule us because -- war -- I think both these guys. A little tidbit right now they don't want -- -- -- this guy again because they won't come down the same look might you're Russian got to get the history. Back when he was in Denver you have to road they've -- a bit about that and doctor Andrews is known as the best you start sitting guys back on the fielding -- and it that the falloff. Who quit and listen. We're not talking about just this season we're talking about RG three's career result -- wait three or four games fine so be awake three or four games let the man plays in a poker help. CSN Washington dot com.

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