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Pierre Garçon continues to make positive impact on DMV



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Wed, 21 Aug 2013|


Csnwashington.com. They gave big -- are from CSN Washington dot com this story another receiver giving -- him. Roosevelt High School the district Redskins receiver -- -- on delivered a special to have. With the help of apparel company Russell athletic or something about. And uniforms the school's football team Roosevelt -- one of three area high schools won a contest through social media picked it new gear. Our -- -- shared cup to Arizona after the event. Why was it important to you to do to get these guys in nice in its. On -- is. Very for an you know when you did when you feel good inflated -- good you know. -- received were some new uniforms there's a high school it's it's all about the moments. You know the memories. Remember we did you always remember the first I put in my memory every time but Marcus. One time we have type of minus one less time to get -- took place so. You know when he did you need new uniforms get good little bit more energy excited and I. An ultimatum. Give them an easy to play well off right now I think it's easier to be great. I didn't make you feel when you looked around and saw smiles -- -- when you're handing out the jurors I've maybe visit -- good fellas demoted they G new leaf. Like -- really light did on the -- turned out great and I like how they look at Sosa as a for various -- Hard work coming up this putted for birdie woods did practical effect they'll put it on the bills -- right guard. Comcast sports that they they read it picked off from where everybody that I have been able putback around. -- Redskins pulled him. Album live at Comcast sports on. Videos I'm Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.