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Table Manners Extra: Ripken has thought about managing


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Wed, 21 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. If you open your name up through. Getting back in baseball and one demands putters or does the manager and now that never managed before. For a player could bode well for me right in the notes they're. Knowing that you don't have any experience doing that but know your background do you think that someone would hire him as a manager you know. Experience -- -- that's a big week. I don't like to think it would journalism which. Don't know that I've been asked to interview managing jobs before and not too long ago. And I always thought that if he had no interest in taking it in the I'm curious. Questions it. What baseball what is it mean that he's gone back and aren't -- -- American -- To me it's it's interesting that an emergency room was sort of surprised that he's really great job. No experience whatsoever. I was coaching and under one went great manager Joseph Torre. Then there's nothing that. Yes it cost. -- ourselves. That. It's. CSN Washington dot com.