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Table Manners: Cal Ripken, Jr. on how he picked No. 8



  1. New Year's Day1:37
  2. Brooks Robinson3:34
  3. Weaver1:41, 2:44
  4. play shortstop3:18
  5. cal Ripken1:00, 1:21
  6. batter's box3:53
  7. baseball player1:14
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CSN Washington dot com. I'm Jason also known as the lord -- I lost thousands of you know if you stop their running game. I'm trying to make it back to force -- it. It was a logical -- doesn't -- starting off. I'm John Alonso. And I used my racquet back in high school and I'm. -- -- I'm more along the way we all -- on -- career now where does junk and even after all these years he's only to. Able manner. And Comcast fortunate this team. Presented like -- And again and he's well. Your card table in the palm restaurant. Sosa cal Ripken. The greatest memory ever. Period of that iron there and the other guys -- -- who also -- Well Aikman Brunell all the different differences -- and it worked out that if I -- another great a baseball player. Oh yes. This is Joseph Morgan. Morgan -- I cal Ripken junior picked as number. My number was given to me and -- sort static it was a single digit couldn't believe it because most people when you go to your first -- it's 79 or. 96 so many are sticking around the -- had a chance to have that kind of New Year's Day. I was the first cut that either really to know Earl Weaver called me in the office and said you know I get -- that appears to go down there and get ready. It is an -- in danger -- making your first year right you just drafted yet so that's OK but is is still brutal to hear that. Yes. And and and and get those words too often in my life that didn't make the club to make the team. Thumb but the way they did it that look. You're going to be back. We need you to go get your balance. And so it is the guy you're sitting with four guys who dealt with a lot of rejection. -- we did a completely all opposite lightly over well. Well you're still thinking about being a pitcher -- right or maybe your mind is made up of the organization is there's still some question. The organization and no -- lie about it today they all wanted me to be a pitcher right when I came out so all the scouts to look man had a really good arm. Threw the ball really hard and a lot of strikeouts -- -- struck out a hundred and skies and sixty innings. So in the end they gave me a choice only because my dad and her being a little bit Earl Weaver intervened and said look I've seen him swing the balance and field. Yeah let's give a shot there first and and ask me on the gave me a choice and I said that you get to play every 105 days I wanna play every day. What do you think its just every day did you want to play that when you first did you wanna play third these -- foot short. So once once -- moved due to short I mean obviously when you're young kid impressionable he wanted to do everything that -- as a manager but did you really wanna -- -- I guess is what Manny Machado was going through whether I come the big leagues is the third base for -- hang out here for a little while and and play shortstop. He knows everything I played shortstop -- when I first came in a rookie bought him at thirty some errors and sixty games and then head home runs all those people are things saying I told you should pitched. And once I got the big leagues I was that was his third baseman feeling a little like Brooks Robinson. My hero. And then Earl put me over there and to me getting giving warning so it couldn't be scared about it just had to attack but it was considered temporary -- I was glad to temporary move lasted for years. Coming on the table men there are many ways to try to get an edge standing in the batter's box you guys as the ball laughter. Sometimes observing your strength of reminding them you have -- But in Seattle to pound but maybe you wanna live here and throw out things that could be a -- CSN Washington dot com.