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Tanard Jackson: 'I'm trying to be a better man'



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Wed, 21 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. First off let's just take us back to last year obviously you've had two strikes against you and you get that phone call. What went three run. A lot. Mean obviously heard the disappointment. I embarrassment. Mean I can't control. People on the -- me lose that -- Just from the standpoint. I didn't play. In my home town. We'll watch it. When you're watching the Redskins were really good team last year and clearly their biggest issue was the secondary and you're going. I can be the difference between a first round and maybe a deep playoff run. Just in the Nick -- was. PM Sunday. Incentive in this day. And knowing that I can. Who could make a difference when you -- Having gone through plus words here. Extremely hard someone asked Jim Haslett about you and put it on the Redskins wouldn't want you back -- east. Great guy great football player this. That works out we welcome back with open arms sounds like you've heard that -- read it somewhere when you see that knowing that. You know for anyone it's gonna be a gamble. But when you see the defensive coordinators say that make you feel like OK I had an impact that he knows what I can do and that's a good thing. Not only that you know after being suspended met in September. Leading up to that point before the draft there were doubts there when does my if I was going to get better what I wanted to go back. But. To be honest it's you know when I got there when I heard then the. Gave me more. Once -- get back and more -- more. How different. A person. Are you today. Having been through what you've been through and knowing you still want to achieve so much more. How much different personnel man a father a son a brother are you today than you are a year ago when this happened. How much better. Much better but I'm still working cross. Every day I try to get better as we know minuteman. The father. Son. Coach other incidents. Is always room for. CSN Washington dot com it.

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