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Wed, 21 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And joining us for more on the Redskins -- chick Hernandez live from Redskins park that chick we've gotten because of an update now we need BRG three update. Well secret today is what I know look. It is the most popular guy -- -- -- Jill as we know -- and certainly when Robert Irvin talks will listen he is the idea but right now of the NFL on Mondays. Normally it is when he's talked during the training camp now to be on Wednesdays during the regular season. And the pre season here. As for Robert Griffin the third look. On Monday night was the first time since January 6 when he tore the ACL he's on the same field with the head coach Mike Shanahan. And doctor James Anderson and -- -- eleven major say on whether or not Griffin plays in the regular season opener. And the doc got a bird's eye view. Two nights ago. As losses go out there and perform a little bit before the game. They were worked out for one hour thirty minutes and like we saw him in examining some everything looks good. So stone font face to single week one but who knows -- yet. And so the waiting game continues to our pre season games in which Robert will not see any action then the real show if the most famous -- in the NFL doesn't have any setbacks but that means Robert Griffin the third will step into the fire. Having taken not one snap in the pre season. Doesn't matter. Not so much. Remember the first time Roberts ever had. A pre season game was last year he's never -- one calendar is number -- in high school. You don't have pre season games. Well I was in college coach here for ten years and never had a pre season game and know what they were. I kind of feel the same way now as they -- back -- but we practice as -- game -- those reds will be very important and we have to take deals done serious is designed. -- Laver stadium would you consider your season but I mean it's hard it's a lot of pressure where it debuted you've had. You know it's a -- -- -- -- defense Morgan's clutch. Com you know crack on those guys carried himself that's always fun and I know we'll wrap it up but. There didn't seem -- that's what I wanted to swim team isn't in the other known and usually good. Right now -- just you know like you say operations of patience and -- easiest thing in his time you know -- herself up you know -- we -- but only see them every week. He -- great -- well Augusta you know and until he gets out there and it's in the minutes that day game we all get to see you know what's on the way no. That's what I last night Joseph what Santana Moss which all the way to four I think the entire Redskins organization hasn't waiting for Robert Griffin the third. To return until the lineup. We'll see that I guess in the regular season just. Yeah we certainly can't wait for that not chick as you know -- you were down there on the part of it but. All around kind of the first couple weeks of training camp always heard of this back and forth between Shanahan and RG three. For the last week it's been quiet has that these so called -- been put to bed. Yeah -- he said he said is over now according to both gentlemen and I'll say this. Mike Shanahan said today that as far as doctor James Andrews goes he will listen with the doc has to say if the doc says Roberts -- ago. Robert Griffin the third is not gonna play in this game. And Robert was asked about it any legacy if you remember he had a little impromptu press conference. On a Tuesday after talking on Monday we've -- the need to come I'm clear the air and somebody said are you to continue to do that because just an honest guy goes. I have to be that way I can go the other way and build a second. But then that's not me. Once again Robert over to third being very honest with his Kansas so and we like that here in the media he he tells us what he feels and that's what you want. What a player -- not some. Forty to forty I just use that term forty -- epidemic and enter your -- Head but I think that -- the drift of that we don't want to let's say we want and her right check. Absolutely Jill Sorenson but I think thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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