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CSN Washington dot com. Ask Eddie -- My all time favorite player I'd -- pierce was just told cal and -- favorite player. It's just been -- I had three posters grown up Jim Palmer Eddie Murray cal Ripken Jim Jim Palmer in his underwear. Did not and I heard you -- -- jockey approaches they didn't they did the and did you just turn it down on principle because there an offer enough money. But we'll both know. An awful lot of money at that time and I couldn't make that decision -- in your underwear and have your -- it sat right as I was talking to my mum about this endorsement so I end up choosing is. 500 dollar milk radio commercials as opposed to be enrolled in. In a much bigger way in a national campaign event and I've been huge for you the whole milk and I am right I was home run I think in the end it's so New York. And I've always look at the the decisions endorsements not that I necessarily for the money otherwise that'd taken road games. That's probably takes a look at it for the money at all at what age did you realize there was certainly go and very early. You have all the time and my dad I think. Started go Bolden as early twenties and they actually turned grade so I knew I was come you didn't did you have any sort technique I got I know. Jim Palmer apparently was a guy who thought. I'm not gonna Wear my hat when I don't have to because it's gonna help out my hair. All of our pitchers in the senate and I think that was the Jim Palmer influences Sutcliffe. Circle where have. I'm a mighty big had a -- it's. Okay they're always that is coming out is that all manner here. Dominant powerful -- you cannot. No well read -- you can look at why all royalties to endorse wild rolled about twenty plus years ago that we don't have a lot to our roster I think zero not. I don't know if you actually the whole Ottawa that is dangerous thing is that so there's no more being behavior than -- -- you combing over trying to get. The hair looking like it's when you had the right cut off at one point in your career. I can't remember if it was with -- occur or would fit. -- can't imagine this storm Davis may be but you actually used to call games you're calling pitches and not. -- was bend mcdonalds and then McDonald who was a young pitcher of the month ago. But it's it's started I mean just just trying to figure out how you can help. Cautious and watch and -- us up to second -- have the same view but the pitcher does and you know who's making decisions and shaking yes and -- and what they're throwing. So when you see that they're making mistakes all the time. You start to get into the conversation. And some of the young guys wanted me to help -- with the catcher be offended and -- right I mean your -- let's not Chris Royals. Could could end Chris who is Chris is a really good catcher and then now when they both in the big leagues -- and Chris they were a little inexperienced. And I know Ben Ben was susceptible to the beginning and I remember coming in one time. To the mound when they were trying to decide what role as to what he has to win here and instead we don't we don't know what to do right. Sosa and so I gave him my suggestion and it worked and then than them and call me and from time time -- give another suggestion and it would work. Then -- he started pitching better which. His confidence was it was about me helping him out. And I told my can't come in here this often if you if you need a suggestion let. Chris flashy glove that you know the -- back so what -- the signs that you're giving like lets get this on my body through the catcher looked at me. So you're facing in this direction fast it's fast ball to the side of the plate was about to exercise so could be in my year in my shoulder was first question touch. Your nose was. -- curve balls we have to be careful and Allen. So I was -- right here. My fan my glove action like this it was a changeup. Sometimes and been out of football. So sometimes a touch my belt who you calling every pitch at the one point I started some games for banned hustler call and most all those pitches that called everyone and he went on -- winning streak. And -- Chris then had that system already established for them to go through your -- then Mike Pacino Mike receiving calls all the pitches but. But once you want you can make the suggestion for him Jamie Moyer Fernando Valenzuela during that time. And I realized I was good at it because you could read the reaction of the hitter. Sometimes pitchers can't sometimes I catchers camp because they're closing -- in the swing in the kicking field. But where I'm sitting you can actually see is -- guy on it do you miss it by this much. It was -- in front of it and then therefore the art of calling pitches. Happen based on his strength is at his weaknesses your strength is a pitcher would also what just happened. And that's the hardest part to understand you can't read that and you can't make that -- -- How quickly did other opposing managers catch up to you Colin but do whatever they never enough until I didn't know you were gone. So you did say you're -- to the catcher and and catching him it's unbelievable. But I mean after a while the yes somebody that's traded with some of the gross and our Summers -- spoken than than you have to get paranoid little bit. That the Stan mentioned I was looking at the shortstop in that brief period of time for the Suns it. Every yelled out after the game or call me an awful game that's that's sometimes it's the I would get better -- like. Cal called fastball over the broke out and play our hope is that besides bend the other pitchers didn't know what they -- -- suggestion coming from the catcher so they can and then what about the pitching coach and manager where they had they had of been an honor or I'm not really because I've -- Is that your infringing on their jobs a little bit. And so it was just like a secret pioli and Chris and the Braves note found out you might -- -- -- happy for that but we might of been ecstatic right to go back to 1980 during. I wish we could honestly tonight's game I wanted to ask you -- a lot of acted like I do my best years in my life grew up -- Orioles games. When the World Series magical year for you two individually. Won the MVPs. And you caught that last ball in the World Series. At that time could you believe no I'm never gonna get that again. Not the first two seasons. A two into the last day of the season right retire with Milwaukee's one of the most exciting. Play our series -- a little told somebody I know Friday night I was there ever Friday Saturday game and then Sunday that he is on it was all -- Don Sutton. And so I was at that. And we had judges gave you know. But not well. Think -- that as a young guy I'm 23 it's time two in the World Series and you're tearing it up and -- I believe the first two Hilliard went really well. And I thought to be back in the playoffs for sure. Back to the World Series many more times. And didn't get back -- -- something console. 96. But in that World Series UN that he actually weren't hitting very well. So that last game and he goes yard and when he goes yard here I -- I don't know I was still not hitting well. But then you righted himself. Funny little story little behind the scenes story there you know it normally that. The other team focuses on your -- you order a whole lot more. And they're and they and they can impose a series we're not gonna let -- beat us we're not gonna let cal be the so I had more walks that series that I normally do. I think I was three for eighteen hit a few balls hard I was close but Eddie was struggle a little bit since he struggled in 79 I think that became a bigger issue. So -- -- that he's family and we went out to a Mexican restaurants. Saturday night. He hit a very we a lot of very sweet drinks. I don't think any relax a little bit so let's take a little bit of credit for him going out hit two homers the next thing. Back then did you guys have roommates when you're on the road I first got the big leagues yes that seems odd that they -- -- -- much Rick Dempsey was my remote that's a good one. Good -- from when I first came up. And so you had to deal with -- guys snoring you had to deal with somebody who stays up late if you're brings a leading the. The only reference nicknames it -- -- America mr. Joseph and ray Floyd. Floyd was a snore and so I would I would yeah. I would take yesterday and then Astros in -- room service. So maybe he'd be snooze and -- podcast -- thing and wake him up real quick and they look around and hopefully I can go to sleep before you're back. And his sometimes it just so -- I would take the pillow. And he's he's leno's back commence him as far as I could run across is a stomach those weeks haven't set up in bed which gave me a chance -- How did how did you end up with the remains. So today just randomly -- it or did you actually pick a team that they had like to bloom with you know. In the hotels like at work sometimes a game I didn't think Rafer and so we're very together. Dempsey can may have said you know and my last -- there goes to a room with me. And so okay. And -- was really in sync as Dempsey and all this energy. Always wanted to do fun sort of things. So we we moved around the hotel and sabotage people's rooms from time to time. Tom -- was a radio -- -- -- -- with us and we used to terrorize him we get an extra kid -- -- -- in the booby trap the room so he came back into it. Trash can with a lot of would fall into it's there. And does good dead even even fire extinguishers. You know we would not gonna restore the room service trade because he really -- room service. There's a room service and he would open the door and I'd be -- bottom half and with the the first division I. Sure I'll fight him. You say okay you wanna have a grievance and folks were saying something you can control. Usually it's. Just -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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