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Table Manners: Cal Ripken, Jr. recollects his MVP seasons



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Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Who MVPs -- MVP I was who won rookie year and wanted to be the next year and anyone in 91. Your numbers I think we're better and 83. In which year did you feel like you've played better what was. More special award which went to -- -- If it was gratifying because we were Goodman one. And I was really good second half and that's what really took off 91. It was a it was thirty years old 31 you never know when you lose and it. There -- counting out a little bit here before right that was like come back here almost once you go through it it's harder to play in a rebuilding situation is a good team. We have a good team it's really easy to focus on what the goal is -- know those sort of things it's hard playing way. Losing team and you have to deal with that in and day out. So when 9591 came along. Answered a lot of questions. Was able to it to get to a group we finished. It's oh lead on the back so wasn't a wasn't most valuable to winning effort somehow was voted and I thought that was my better statistically. As a dad. Who was the hammer in your house was -- wife who would lay down the law. In your house with your kids my house nobody lays down the law you know like my kids get where everything just dominated. No way out now my wife probably again your way most of the time so the dated a disciplines and all that comes from. But she she threaten everyone's -- and tell your dad. Your kids it's one entering pointing -- used just look back at this point. And say Shipley has gone by so quickly -- because Miller apologized and I'm going to -- same thing. That's my crime in the porn you know kids bats -- points and last year why don't give bats anymore and I'm not an -- -- does and I did it had a solid before my eyes again to see my kids growing. And it was just easier asked -- to death and a good I'm only goes faster is that the only -- it. It only goes faster in the bathtub no interest in best of story when I was going for homer number 400. My family's travel around with real time I couldn't stand it was like so out of out of the norm. And they -- this anticipation huge can't you just hit home runs you know don't let us. And it was hard it all run upon command where when you have to to finally has said look I know you wanna share with me and I know that but but I can't stand this anymore. So on they stayed home. And now Ryan was in the bathtub. And I came up at four of four at home run and evidently. My daughter was watching the TV is human and scream and -- -- -- about. And and so he's he's all happy and that and what are splash -- -- everywhere. So -- at the home run in order to include them in the feeling of being there when it happened I immediately went down the tunnel into the clubhouse and called him. So now we're talking to him and in the midst. Of all the stuff happening so you're you bring them there are ways to bring them into the moment -- But at the bathtub scene evidently there was water all over the floor and -- in my native son was Ronald. I'm speaking of your life and it's Anderson story how you met. Can you tell us how you match your wife Kelly. Yeah I mean it was. I guess we're celebrating. Around after the World Series. And I play basketball that Jim house at that time I play basketball out -- Marbury and number of players don't want to this place called stable -- and great ribs we're sitting around eating and drinking. It's still little smelly from basketball and Kelly's appearance -- by a introduce themselves to me and they recognized. And soaked -- her mom said you know did you sign an autograph to my daughter. And so. Looked at -- for a minute and and that's that's kind of out of character erode your Kelly. If you look anything like your mother I'm sorry I missed. She and so then I gave -- tour and then about two weeks later on I'm out again I get this total money on my sleeve. I look up and it's just beautiful. Six foot long standing there she goes on as well thank you for being as honest LaMont. And that that the thought came back in my head thinking that's when I wrote this that you would have to -- Kelly would you. She's an average name that's nice so wrong the first night so I guess there was -- -- -- neutral. Yeah well look look if we can -- -- Also isn't it goalies I've never wrote back and help it I'm not believe in that -- there and yes it is. Does that mean. If you've ever had to do -- I mean some people love. Best wishes in and my best and things that you don't how are we right you're dawn but I figure on Aaron. Oh I think about your your Bears but. He's talked about the the basketball court is out. And because Jason is big time moments that I'll try my best friend. Said hey cal has his game to open of his house and -- value wherever you and Collins and I said yes -- to do it. Always wanted to do -- heard about the -- wrote about Sports Illustrated often played as it is yet. And so we come and I come through the gate announce myself. And seems like they didn't want to end the period buzzer then and it seemed like you got -- -- the guard for the media machine averaging just got through and see what it was a ten mile drive way. Finally get up and he's property. Let's pick it up there going to the gym you know I should go through his houses go through a side entrance into its like a high school to its -- separate locker room. And all policy were I wanna say it was Knicks jerseys and Timberwolves jerseys could be wrong on the team's. And everyone has their own locker. Big cooler there full Gatorade and then yeah don't tell us and it is just another room was cut hot so hospital -- it. And that was one of the best times of my life to find some disease at a caf we did. Are you checked -- we did I think every line from the game I think I dropped five or six threes on the. But -- your team lost -- yeah. Is that your team but -- sack that they knew all along you know because that -- team at home we've inspector team. CSN Washington dot com.

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