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SportsTalk Live: Who has the final say for RG3?



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Wed, 21 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. That's the question is going around who's gonna have the final say and I'll say that. -- that -- is they'll be doctor Andrews I can't believe it's Mike Shanahan would not have anything to do with so I'm actually true fault not Andrews -- -- the finals. False -- that's also why. There's so much you know that. And then guess what you heard their lives. Is lies there's day and the statistics. Or something to that effect you don't talk about what you can take like 90% ready to play and say he's ready to go okay. I would doctrine is to say I'm gonna wait until. Week five is when I was playing but he's. Iverson to go in week one. -- -- -- can go with that maybe Mike Shanahan could go that maybe the team loses the first couple of games and they say OK we need RG three now after initially he was supposed to play and in week 45. We really don't know. What's going on here behind the scenes the. Don't know but I'll say this I'll say false also I think you can't lead just not there and don't you can't lead just Mike Shanahan. And your parts and -- might be an overseer watchable them. Not Andrews pay each infield -- You possible motives of the got got to be back at breakfast time Mike Shanahan wants to win football or live football game he often -- the front of -- hands on this board here. Obama that it's it's. And here's this did you maybe ride on the health has made RG -- right -- I look at the whole field. Both these guys are in a tough situation right now Andrews and Shannon and I think Griffin may suit stay out of addition. Bring him into it at all when you look at overall I think. All week one talk. I can't get rid of the marketing aspect of the -- Okay. I understand that if we keep saying he's going to be there in of those happy. Everybody a writer's happy if a sellout crowd a lot of them their slogan funny you know when you look at those things -- I think. Is not only one guy is a good team of people that should be it should always be the cable people without the player involved because the player would never ever tell you the truth. If the player shows you the true the body and it did injured. You know it's up to you don't want that could lead. I understand what Robert did last year. But I think Mike Shanahan and -- and -- him back on the field are now in a tough situation and -- memorable false totally. It has to be one of the Tommy bolt them together and not one -- the -- I just don't believe that it's as simple as doctor -- saying. He's cleared and everyone's saying OK I just think there's too much that goes into that but what does it mean if doctor Andrews says he's okay but the -- republic player right now. Does that mean. He's he's a 100% does that mean he's 85% ready to go there's so many ways you can twisted depending on. Whether the team's losing whether winning whether Kirk cousins is helping you and what what doctor Andrews decides is good enough to play there's just too many variables for me. As Kirk cousins injury affect this -- the -- -- and another very good look at the fact if you were going to the game and Robert is 90%. The proposals that are you feel a lot but of Kirk is it not on the silent. You'll love you wanna play everybody this and in I'm -- a -- -- -- -- I don't wanna play. The original RG history here. We'll -- what some people say you know Robert Griffin the third. 90% it's better than most quarterbacks in the league do I mean what ignited the sit he's risking his chance of being like a 100% of the people that heard that neither watching on security. Okay let's say this let's say that doctor Andrew says RG three is 8590%. If you wait until week five bye week. He'll be 100%. But the Redskins start off. Oh and three. I if doctor Andrews publicly states that he's 85%. Are they not gonna do you keep the -- if he want to protect himself. He might wanna do that his right. Understand this and you're to get it -- any game where you win. You keep a job you lose you go home major guy get hurt you might lose his job it has -- -- that type situations. CSN Washington dot com it.

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